Increasing incidence of hair fall

Increasing incidence of hair fall

Some 10-15 years ago, only those aged above 40 came for hair transplant. Now, we are seeing an increasing incidence of hair fall and baldness in the age group of 20-30.Type 2 male pattern baldness is the most common problem. The main reasons are sedentary lifestyle, food habits and work stress,” said Dr Yogeshwarappa CN, consultant at Apollo Hospitals and Sagar Hospital.
Hair more precious than money:
Cost is no deterrent for youngsters who want to get back that shock of hair on their scalps.Patients admit that the cost of hair transplant, ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 3 lakh, is no deterrent to regain self-confidence and end embarrassment.
HR professional Surya Verma (name changed), 30, was the butt of ridicule among his friends and colleagues. “My hairline started receding at the age of 27. My friends and colleagues would tease me and call me `baldy’. I was also planning to marry, but girls rejected me because of my frontal baldness. I consulted a doctor, and after scalp analysis, I was advised to go for hair transplant. My scalp is full of hair now and I don’t have to face any awkward situations due to baldness.”
“I began suffering from hair fall when I was 20. It started when we shifted from Hyderabad to Bengaluru. The water here didn’t suit me. It was so bad my scalp could be seen, and oiling my hair made it messier, and I went into depression. After consulting a dermatologist and undergoing hair transplant, I have regained my hair and there are no bald patches,” said Ashin Ahmed (name changed), 23, a corporate executive.
“Nowadays, youngsters in the age group of 20-30 are battling baldness. It is embarrassing as they are yet to begin a career or married life, so they resort to hair transplant,” said Dr Shashidhar T, founder of Dermacare Skin and Hair Clinic.

PGI to roll out eyebrow transplant facility soon

LUCKNOW: The plastic surgery department at Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences performed its first eyebrow hair transplant last week. The facility, available in high-end plastic surgery centres in the metros, would soon be rolled out to the public at a much lower cost.
“Loss of hair in the eyebrows, technically known as madarosis, is common after the age of 40 years. It starts with the side and proceeds towards the midline. It also leads to thinning of eyebrows. Bushy eyebrows are a symbol of beauty and their loss leaves a negative impact on a person,” said Dr Rajeev Agarwal, head of the plastic surgery department at SGPGIMS.

The procedure is time-taking and requires expertise. “Eyebrow transplant is different from regular hair transplant as the hair are to be planted in a slant orientation,” explained Dr Agarwal.

He added that a transplant was better than the cosmetic procedures available in the market.

“Options like cosmetic darkening of the eyebrow or tattooing create a camouflage but can never return the natural look, which is the biggest advantage of transplant,” he said.

The only disadvantage with a transplant is that one needs to get the eyebrows trimmed regularly as transplanted hair grow faster than normal hair. “Anyone who gets it done has to visit the beauty parlour regularly but then the advantage is quite satisfying,” said Rita Saha, relative of the patient who went under the knife for the transplant.

The team at SGPGI said that their rates would be at least one-third of what is being charged in private hospitals, where anything between Rs 200 and Rs 300 per hair are charged.

“An eyebrow transplant involves insertion of at least 300 hair per brow. This means that a patient would spend Rs 60,000-Rs 90,000 per brow in the private sector. Though the rates at our centre are yet to be finalized, they would be one-third of the market rate,” said Dr Agarwal.

outh bleeds after power goes off during hair transplant

BENGALURU: Rakesh (name changed) was in the midst of a hair transplant proce dure in an RT Nagar clinic when the power went off.
The 28-year-old began bleeding profusely from the scalp. The procedure had to be abruptly halted as there was no source of electricity and the clinic’s generator too had run out of fuel.

Bani Anand, MD of Hairline International, which runs the clinic where the incident took place, said, “Though the patient was under local anesthesia, he was inconvenienced and we were tense. We brought him out of the operating theatre and got him to rest. We completed the procedure on another day , and had to give him a discount due to the inconvenience caused.”

Bani blamed the incident on the long power shutdowns in the area. “Initially we spent close to Rs 6 lakh only on power backup in our six centres. Yet our patients have to face such inconvenience,” she added.

The extensive power cuts have badly hit city clinics and diagnostic centres. “We are affected as we keep samples in the refrigerator. Extensive power cuts can cause problems despite power backup. If the power goes off and on while taking a sample, the reading can go wrong and cause trouble to patients,” said Shobha Ramesh, head of Bioterra Diagnostic Center in Jayanagar.

Though Bescom has promised that major hospitals in the city won’t be affected by power cuts, it applies to only some government hospitals and certain areas. Other hospitals are forced to invest in money and manpower to manage backup.

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