Important considerations for  Hair Transplant

Important considerations for Hair Transplant

Body Hair as Donor

Body hair is useful to deal with areas of hair loss when the scalp donor vicinity supply is close to or at exhaustion. The consequences of frame hair transplants are impossible to expect with truth because of the intrinsic bodily and brief existence cycle characteristics of this kind of hair. In standard, the beard is the first-rate source of body hair due to the fact its intrinsic lifestyles cycle and physical traits maximum intently resemble that of scalp hair. Follicular unit extraction as a donor approach is mainly properly acceptable to the submental vicinity whilst beard hair is harvested.

Reconstructive Applications

The surgical operation, burns, radiation, trauma, and congenital deformities. Hair transplants do grow in scar as well as radiated tissue; however, the survival fee is lower than in noninsured recipient beds. Formal studies on this topic have now not been posted (figure 18).In the case of hairline reconstruction for woman-to-male gender reassignment, androgen supplementation and ensuing temporal recession or thinning are normally all that is essential. In male-to-woman reassignment, the hairline layout includes a typical rounded temporal infill and the decrease hairline described earlier for restoring FPHL (figure 14).

In modern-day practice, hair-bearing scalp flaps and alopecia reductions for non-compulsory aesthetic hair recuperation surgical procedure are usually of ancient interest. A comprehensive overview of the preceding use of these strategies in the deal with-meant of AGA can be located in 2 studies. In some instances, those techniques have resulted in first-rate final results for the patient. But, as a result of poorly designed surgical incisions in addition to naive surgical making plans inside the face of modern hair loss, the lengthy-term consequences of these procedures have also ended in exposed, unattractive scars as well as a misdirection of hair float. The use of scalp expanders, reductions, and flaps for reconstruction of traumatic hair-bearing scalp defects remains nicely entrenched inside the scalp surgeon’s armamentarium.


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