I’m 20 and I don’t want to take endless medications, just get a hair transplant

My best alternative for my hair loss is to get a Hair Transplant. However I have read various news from the internet and I came down to these conclusions:

  1. It is permanent however you would need to get another hair transplant in the future if you want more density.

  2. My hair transplant doctor says you do not need to take any medications, treatments. For my case, and that is exactly what I want to do but alot of internet topics suggested to take minoxidil, rogain, finasteraide, proprecia, prp to keep the existing hair for the rest of your life if you do not want to lose anymore hair.

  3. I wear toppik and have 1 picture of my current hair.

  4. I would consider a hair transplant if all I had to do was 1, and no medications were required. Is it possible or are you in a endless cycle of multiple transplants and a lifetime supply of treatments.

You discussed endless cycles but at 20, the reality is that repeated hair transplants every year until your balding becomes stable is a awful endless cycle, see here: https://newhair.com/baldingblog/22-year-old-received-a-hair-transplant-of-2800-grafts-from-reddit/

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