If you can grow skin from stem cells, why won’t the hair grow with it?

Doing a little reading on stem cells turns up a few stories from credible sources  showing that skin can be grown in a lab to cover nearly an entire body. Couldn’t skin with hair also be grown then? A lab grown graft with hair follicles would be a better donor source than the scalp for a number of reasons. The risk of rejection is minimal, and the patient wouldn’t have to suffer the pain of having their scalp harvested.

You could always grow more follicles, so it’s a good potential path to having an unlimited number of grafts available to patients who could return for additional follicles as needed throughout life.

Skin is an organ. Each hair ‘Follicular Unit’ is a separate organ. When skin is grown, it doesn’t include hair follicles because these are separate organ systems with their own stem cell that are different than skin stem cells.

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