I wanted to share a consultation I did this morning with you

Your examination showed that your hair is fine (measuring 40 micron thickness), has a salt and pepper color, is straight from what I can see, and your scalp laxity (the looseness of your scalp) is very good.  I spent some time explaining that the area of balding you have now, was originally covered by 75,000 hairs. With the hair remaining around the back and sides of your head, only about half of it can be moved to cover this large bald area.  I can move possibly between 10,000-15,000 hairs in two surgeries to cover an area that originally was covered by 75,000 hairs, so that the new density will be 1/5th or the original at best. As your hair is fine, the value of each hair is less than if it would have been coarser and does not cover very well without a substantial numbers which you will not get from the two surgeries I am recommending for you. I showed you many pictures today including someone with fine hair who had front and top coverage and expected that this is what you would look like, and you told me you would be satisfied with this look. I also discussed that when the hair is fine, longer hair gives you better coverage so when it starts to grow in after the hair transplant, you will make determinations at that time as to what length looks best.
I recommended at least two surgical sessions with as many grafts as possible and as are safe.  The first session will get out between 2500-3000 grafts and the second session will be another 2500-3000 grafts (each graft contains about 2 hairs).  If after the second surgery has grown in (about 6-8 months after), then we will make a decision about how full it is, if it meets your goals and if you want it to appear fuller, either a third hair transplant or Scalp Micropgimentation (http://www.scalpmicropigmentation.com (to color in the background), would be the next and possibly last step in the process.

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