I want to know how much hair density is really there in one of your patients whose pictures you posted

I was looking at your post: https://newhair.com/baldingblog/norwood-class-7-pattern-patient-received-11000-grafts-plus-smp/ (the man with the fantastic hair transplant) and I want to know how much real density is there that he is covering up?

I just showed his style but if you understand hair transplants, assuming that we moved 30,000 hairs to cover his balding Class 7 pattern, the normal density can never be achieved which in him was over 100,000 hairs. There is a reality that you should know about. If you took a normal full haired man with Black hair and very white skin (essentially like newspaper print) and removed half of the hairs on one side of his head, you could not tell which was the 50% of density side by looking at him. This was actually done by an obsessive compulsive doctor some years ago to prove that a full looking head of hair can be obtained with less than normal densities. The less the color/contrast between hair and scalp color, the less hair you need to look full headed. A blonde can look full headed with 75-85% of his hair gone with good styling.  So, in conclusion, the look is tied to the art of the surgeon who understands there nuances.

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