How should I cut my hair?

How should I cut my hair?

How should I cut my hair?                                                   

The first thing that comes to mind when you need to hide your balding hair is to have a clean shaved head. You can never go wrong with this all-time classic and it is very easy to maintain it on your own at home.

Another cut you should definitely try is the High and Tight. Shorter at the sides and longer at the top, this almost military haircut gives the illusion of a fuller head. The perfect fade at the sides gives the sense that you have more hair as it blends well with the thinning parts.

You can play around with the High and Tight haircut by adding an extra touch with a side part. It makes it more modern and sophisticated at the same time.

A short Mohawk with shaved sides works in a similar way to the High and Tight. The shaved sides are perfect at camouflaging the thinning hairline and at the same time the Mohawk gives height and density on the top of the head.

Finally, a nice fade either very high, or mid, can not only give you a very modern touch, but it can also make the rest of your hair blend in very smoothly with the thinning hairline.

Pick your perfect shape

Deciding on what shape and length you want your beard early on can help in the long run. Once you know what style you want, you know what you have to achieve. There is no point in growing your beard for six months when is all you actually want is a short beard.

If you’re unsure on what shape, length or style you’re after you could go to your barber once you’ve got a little bit of growth, for a little trim to keep your beard neat and tidy. Whilst you’re there you can discuss what style beard would suit your face with your barber, then you’ll know what to work towards.

Don’t slack on the upkeep

It is important to care for your beard, just like the hair on your head. You should regularly clean and condition your beard as well as using a beard oil. By doing this your beard will keep in good condition.

Brushing your beard on a daily basis will keep it nice and tidy, daily brushing will remove any knots and leave the hairs looking smoother.

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