How “reliable” is a hair transplant?

They say you can get a transplant once you’ve stabilized your hairloss with Fin – but how reliable is it actually? I’m not sure how accurate this is, but I often read that Fin doesn’t really halt your hairloss, it slowns it down a lot but your hairline is still receding. And who’s to say that you get you a transplant and, 3 years later, Fin starts losing effectiveness and you end up looking even worse before? Do you just have to gamble on this, or am I missing something? Or is the transplant a commitment in the sense that you’ll eventually need more to “recorrect” everything?

What are you realistically getting in the long term with a hair transplant?

I have been doing hair transplants for 28 years and started the trend with small follicular units used for the hair transplants. Many of my patients from 28 years ago, come and visit me and a few came back for more hair transplants as they continued to lose hair. In good hands, hair transplants work and in 99% of people, the results are permanent. That is good and bad because if it is done well, you will look good, but it is done poorly, you will always look freaky.

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