How does Advanced Tricho Pigmentation work?

How does Advanced Tricho Pigmentation work?

How does Advanced Tricho Pigmentation work?

Our FUE eyebrow transplants are not always the best treatment for everyone and because of this we also exclusively offer advanced tricho pigmentation. ATP is an advanced pigmentation delivery system that was built from the ground up with the sole purpose of reproducing the appearance of hair strokes, unlike other medical hairline tattoos that have been adapted for this purpose.

Our advanced system and expert doctors work together to create natural and fine strokes of hair in and around the brow area to create the most natural looking eyebrows possible

What treatment is for me?

In most cases the treatment you want will be down to individual characteristics and what you want from the treatment. Our FUE eyebrow transplant is the most permanent eyebrow restoration treatment available, FUE would be the best treatment for those with little to no eyebrows as we will be able to create the most natural and realistic look brow.

ATP is the perfect treatment for those who want to add some definition and fullness to their eyebrows. The treatment can be either permanent or semi-permanent and is best used to create fullness and definition rather than create a complete brow.

When it comes to male grooming it can be a bit of a minefield out there. With more and more products released on a weekly basis and different hairstyles coming in and out of fashion it can be quite hard to keep up with the different trends.

In recent years, the beard trend has been at the top of the grooming hierarchy with everyone trying to achieve the perfect look. But clean shaven is classic and timeless. Today, we’re talking beards vs clean shaven – what’s the look to go for and how to achieve the desired look.

Clean Shaven

Clean shaven is a more traditional and timeless approach to grooming, a look that most think looks smart and well presentable. However, fewer men are taking the time to shave in recent years this could be due to the rise in the beard trend or simply men not having the time to shave on a daily basis.

If clean shaven is the look for you it’s important to invest in a good razor, a good razor can speed up the process when it comes to shaving and can reduce the risk of cuts. Having a fresh razor blade will also help the process, if you let the blade on your razor become blunt over time it will begin to drag on the skin and can cause irritation and will not give you a close shave, it is recommended that you change your blade every two weeks – however, you’ll be able to feel when the blade isn’t as sharp as it once was.

Next up, products – always start by washing your face to start with a fresh and clean slate. Using a good shaving cream and brush is essential, you can quickly and easily brush the shaving foam on and this will make shaving quicker and effortless, the shaving cream offers support for a close and clean shave.

Lastly, quickly use an aftershave balm over the area to help restore your skin after your shave.

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