How do I create the perfect side parting?

How do I create the perfect side parting?

How do I create the perfect side parting?

Your haircut should be side-parting friendly. This means that with the right cut it will be easier to make your side parting and it will look absolutely perfect. Ask your barber for a heavier top and shorter sides. This is a nice haircut to play with and create different styles.

Decide where to part your hair depending on your taste and the pattern of your thinning hair. It is best if you start the part where the top of your thinning hairline is. This way you can create a hairstyle illusion that makes your balding parts less obvious.

Hold everything in place with a styling gel.

What should I do if my hair keeps thinning?

The initial step would be to consult with your GP and a dermatologist first. They will check the type of problem and see if your hair loss is caused by a medical problem or, if it’s a natural problem caused by unavoidable aging.

 In the last year we’ve seen a growing demand for our FUE eyebrow reconstruction procedure and today we’re looking at why it’s so popular.

Start from fresh

You might have started growing your beard already, but in some cases it’s better to start fresh. Now is the time to have a good shave and get ready to grow the perfect beard.

Once you’ve started growing your beard you might find that it can be a little itchy, but you need to fight the itch. When you first start to grow your beard the skin can become quite dehydrated, and the accumulation of dirt can cause it to itch.

We recommend you regularly clean your facial hair as well as using a beard moisturiser or oil, not only will this keep your beard in good condition but it will also help relief the itching.

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