How common is body hair when using minoxidil?

My dermatologist said he “isn’t convinced” I’m balding (fingers crossed), sees no miniaturization and said if it is MPB it’s very early, but because I’m still shedding hair he’s told me to start using an ointment with minoxidil/finasteride and see how it goes.

One of the side effects of minoxidil is increased body hair and I’ve read stories of people getting huge amounts of (possible permanent?) back hair and so on which for me would be equally as bad as balding. How common is it? Should I just go back and ask for finasteride only?

It is common in women who use it. My best friend’s wife used it and shortly stopped taking it because it produced facial hair that she did not like. I can’t advise you on the finasteride as that is between you and your dermatologist

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