How and where should I seek professional advice for my hairline recession?

I’ve been slowly thinning and receded hairline since my early twenties. I’m now 37 and probably about a NW 2.5.  I think it’s time to seek professional advice. Firstly, to officially diagnose what type of hairloss I have, to tell me how bad it will get and what my options are.

My question is, what is the best way to seek this type of help. Should I go to a GP and ask for a referral? Should I pay to see someone private? I’m thinking it’s not a good idea to go to a hair clinic, because they might try and sell me something against my best interests

You should find an expert in the field of hair loss. It might be a hair transplant surgeon like me, or a local dermatologist who has an interest in the hair field (many don’t). A proper diagnosis include video microscopy, HAIRCHECK instrument checks when appropriate, a good hair and scalp examination and a doctor willing to spend time with you to answer your questions.

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