Healthy diet and hair care

Healthy diet and hair care

Besides following a healthy diet, hair care should also depend on the nature of one’s scalp or hair, whether it’s dry or oily, frequency of hair styling, exposure to sun and salty sea air and so on. It’s advisable to protect hair from direct sun by covering the head with cap or scarf as excess heat can cause breakage of hair. Salty sea air, especially in places like Vizag, can cause salt deposition leading to roughness of hair.

Dr Shuba Dharmana, cosmetic dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon at LeJeune Group of Medspa, said, “People should also avoid heat styling (blow drying, straightening or curling of hair frequently) to avoid damage to hair. Moroccan oil can be used before styling to minimise hair damage. In winter, if itchiness persists due to dry scalp despite oiling and shampooing, one should visit a dermatologist. People should also opt for sulphur free shampoo, preferably pure herbal ones. Avoid using adulterated chemical henna.”

When it comes to hair transplantation, usually three types of procedures are followed. These include Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or Strip Method.

“Under FUT or strip method, a strip of scalp is taken from the back of the head, follicles are separated, trimmed of excess fat and transplanted on the front part of the head, where baldness or hair loss has taken place. Under FUE, with the help of a machine, each unit of hair or individual follicle is extracted, trimmed of excess fat and placed wherever it’s required on the bald patch of the head. Both the procedures should be done under general anaesthesia by qualified dermatologists and plastic surgeons,” explained Dr Satyaprasad.

About PRP treatment, Dr Shuba elaborated, “This is a non-surgical medical procedure. Blood serum or plasma rich in platelets is injected into the scalp to stimulate platelet growth. The injections given renders more density to the hair and helps grow thicker strands of hair than the other techniques.

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