Hair transplants hold key to power, says Berlusconi

Hair transplants hold key to power, says Berlusconi

Hair transplants hold key to power, says Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s image-conscious prime minister, has urged his party chief in Sicily to follow his example and have a hair transplant in a novel attempt to prevent defeat at the next election.

Angelino Alfano, 35, a rising political star, but who is balding, admitted to La Repubblica yesterday that rumours doing the rounds in parliament about his boss’s instruction were “true”.

Asked if the prime minister had given him advice, the MP replied: “Coming from him it’s like an offer you can’t refuse.”

Mr Berlusconi, a media tycoon who rarely appears in public without make-up, is known as a perfectionist and stickler for visual detail.

In the past he has urged young politicians in his stable to do away with facial hair, for which he has a dislike bordering on obsession.

But hair on the head is another matter. The premier sees it as essential for a man to be a winner. After having his election posters airbrushed for years, last year Mr Berlusconi underwent a transplant.

The news was confirmed last August when it emerged that the Italian leader had greeted Tony Blair on holiday in Sardinia sporting a bandana to cover signs of the operation. Now he has a notable head of hair.

Mr Berlusconi’s “invitation” to Mr Alfano comes 10 months before he wants national elections. Despite trying to buy time to win back popular support, he is widely expected to be given a drubbing with voters defecting in droves to the centre-Left opposition because of the disastrous state of the economy during his term.

Of special concern is Sicily, where disaffection with his alliance is now palpable.

Judging by the profuse new growth for some time visible on Mr Berlusconi’s own head, Mr Alfano is likely to have ample time successfully to tend to his own before Italy is called to the polls.

French Isil extremist seized in Turkey after beauty salon hair transplant to ‘look better’

Turkish intelligence agents nab French jihadi who popped into a beauty salon for a hair transplant and other treatment, apparently in a bid to avoid detection and blend in with hairy locals.

A suspected French jihadist fighting with Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) has been seized by Turkish police after he checked into a beauty salon for a hair implant and another cosmetic procedure to help him “look better”.

Police sources cited by the Dogan news agency said Mehdibend Said, the suspect, had been under surveillance after entering the country from Syria, where he was allegedly plotting a terrorist attack on Turkish soil. They believe he sought to change his appearance to avoid detection and blend in with locals better.

The dawn arrest took place after local intelligence agents in the town of Izmir, on the Aegean coast, trailed him to a clinic where he had the hair transplant.

Said told investigators he had also hoped to have a second cosmetic procedure to make him “look better”. It is unclear what the second type of treatment entailed.

French media carried pictures of a balding Said before his hair treatment, in which his hair is clearly thinning.

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