Hair transplants don’t come cheap

Hair transplants don’t come cheap

Hair transplants don’t come cheap. English footballer Wayne Rooney is said to have paid $40,000 for his procedure. This is certainly the upper end of the price scale: Rooney has an unlimited amount of money to spend and his scalp was in a particularly severe state. But even relatively minor interventions conducted at highly-trained eastern European clinics for cut-priced fees will cost upwards of $2000. Some would say that this is a ridiculously high price to pay for vanity, and sure, that’s true. But what’s the alternative? Balding isn’t simply a body image issue: it’s a reminder that we’re withering away, creeping towards inevitable death. Part of the trauma definitely comes from the media and conventional beauty standards, but I think a sizable chunk is also a very primal fear of our own mortality.

I suppose that I could start some sort of fluffy, contrarian movement where men with receding hairlines get together in support groups, hold hands and tell each other that we’re still beautiful — a bit like the body positivity movement or all those women  that the body hair removal industry is a tool of patriarchal oppression, but that’s not my style. I think it takes a lot more mental effort to uproot deeply internalized beauty standards that we’ve developed throughout the entirety of our lives, or reconditioning the fear of death response, than it does to save up a few grand and put aside a few weeks of healing to get a hair transplant. I’ve quite simply got more important things to think about.



Hair is one of the most stimulating visual cues of one’s appearance and personality.

Al Hakkim Medical Tourism Company has announced its latest collaboration with the best clinics in Iran to offer the latest technology in hair transplantation.

Al Hakkim ensures that patients are welcomed by their Iranian associates as guests and provided VIP treatment services from their arrival till their departure.

The entire process of just three days includes consultation with the expert doctors, surgery and the follow-up dressing.

The clinics offer the most advanced and latest live hair transplantation technique, ‘the Gold Fue technique’ along with various other procedures to suit the patient’s requirements. They also offer treatments for any hair-related problems like eyebrow transplantation, hair mesotherapy, laser treatments, PRP for healthy strong hair, etc.

Al Hakkim ensures that their patients are well-cared for by their Iranian associates including their travel, accommodation and tourism needs.

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