Hair Transplant Surgery Contributing Significantly in Turkey’s Medical Tourism Market

Hair Transplant Surgery Contributing Significantly in Turkey’s Medical Tourism Market

Hair Transplant Surgery Contributing Significantly in Turkey’s Medical Tourism Market

Don’t be surprised if you come across people with their scalps tied with white bands of gauze while walking down the streets and market lanes of Istanbul. At the first sight, it may give you an impression of a traditional head cover or cap, but the story lying beneath the cover is way different from your guess. This is nothing but an effort to restore the lost crowning glory with a fresh crop of transplanted hair follicles through a cosmetic procedure known as hair transplant treatment.

The scenario:             

Hair transplant treatment in Turkey today is $1 billion business that has immensely contributed to the rebounding of country’s medical tourism market after the recessive span extending for several years. When the Turkish tourism market saw a deep slump post a failed military coup in 2016, the hair transplant market helped the candle of medical tourism glow amidst the gloom.

As per the statement from the head of development council of health tourism Turkey, among an estimated 750,000 medical tourist visits last year, about 60,000 sought hair transplant operation. It is also estimated that about 150-200 hair transplant surgeries are conducted every week. But as per the version of the country’s health ministry, it could be more than 200 hair transplants per day, a number quite astounding!

Source countries of medical tourists:

Most of the clients are from Middle East countries, Egypt and Libya primarily due to the geographical convenience. But the number of European clients (from London, Italy, France, Spain) is also increasing since the last couple of years.

Why is Hair Transplantation so demanded?

 Premature hair loss giving rise to untimely baldness beats the self confidence of a person. With image consciousness gripping the world, many people are willing to invest a good amount to restore their self image. Thanks to the great breakthroughs in cosmetic surgery that have enabled millions with deep pockets opt for appearance enhancing treatments.

The operation is based on Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in which tiny hair follicles are taken out one by one from the hairy area of the head and are planted on the bald patch.  The procedure is conducted under local anesthesia and takes about 8-10 hours. The transplanted area becomes dotted with hundreds of bloody spots. After resting for a day, the client can fly back home. After 6-8 months of patient wait, the client would feel the fresh crop.

Any medical operation cannot be guaranteed 100% success but in hair transplant, the success is almost ensured provided it is done in a decent clinic by expert hands.

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