There are many differences in hair transplant prices. For example, prices may vary depending on the number of grafts, pricing according to openness, pricing by area, and pricing according to transaction time.

However, remember that this operation is the most accurate policy is based on the session. For example; There is a fee for the process and how many grafts are transplanted, the time, the area has no importance. In this way, the person who has made the transaction will know the transaction fee and apply to the institution.

The cost of hair transplantation is an important situation. Because this process is considered to be both aesthetic and surgical operation is costly. Many factors can be effective in determining hair transplantation prices. First of all, hair should be evaluated from every angle, every detail should be examined from the area where the hair transplant will be performed in the area where the hair will be transplanted.

Comparison of hair transplantation prices in the world.

What are the factors affecting hair transplant prices?

    • Quality of hair,
    • How much time the hair needs to be transplanted, to get a natural look
    • How many grafts are needed for the person who wants to have hair transplants,
    • Number of hair follicles to be transplanted,
    • Method for hair transplantation
    • Hair transplantation where in which clinic or hospital,
    • The expertise of the doctor to perform hair transplantation,
    • Demand for operation in the period of hair transplantation,
  • The tests to be done to the person before the hair transplant affect the price of hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation prices may vary every year. The fact that there are new surgical interventions in this area is an important factor that causes changes in prices. Another thing that is considered as an important element in determining the average prices of hair transplantation is the amount of labor to be given during the hair transplantation and the time to be spent on it. In addition, hair transplantation fees are closely related to the center where the operation will be performed and the physician’s competence.

The main factor determining the price in hair transplantation practices is the number of hair follicles will be transplanted. After determining the number of hair roots, the price may vary according to the clinic. Clinics can make pricing according to differences such as experience, quality of service. Considering the price of hair transplants across the world, Turkey is among the countries with the cheapest of hair transplant done. Our country, which is an important stop of health tourism of hair transplantation and similar treatments, has come a long way in this field. I will offer you; the best clinics in Turkey from 500 Euro.

Don’t forget that:

It is not important to find the cheapest clinic.

It is important to find the best clinic for the best price

How to calculate graft numbers in hair transplant?

The number of hair follicles or the number of grafts on the basis of hair transplantation is easily calculated by a method accepted worldwide. Even if the graft means hair follicle, the calculation in hair transplantation is different. 1000 grafts correspond to approximately 2000-3000 hair follicles. The calculation of the number of grafts is done by examining the area to be applied and the expert determines the number of hair follicles that will be sufficient to close the area. The Norwood scale, which is still used today for male pattern hair loss, is the most valid calculation scale in the world. In the 1950s, which is the subject of studies published in 1975 and also known as the Hamilton – Norwood scale, the definition of different types of baldness has been made. According to these definitions, it is possible to calculate the average graft need for baldness or spill type.

How are Hair Transplant Sessions Determined?

The number of hair follicles to be transplanted during a hair transplantation session is evident. On average, 3500 – 4500 root transplanting is performed in one session. After determining the number of hair follicles to be used in hair transplantation, the number of sessions is determined. Nowadays, with the development of technology, it is possible to reduce the cost and shorten the healing process by performing one or two sessions in one session with the applications called mega sessions. In a single session, it is more effective for people to adapt to the hair transplantation process in a much faster way. How many sessions a person needs, session intervals are determined by experts. As a result, the process is progressed to the benefit of the person and the maximum benefit is obtained from the treatment.

How would hair transplantation methods be reflected in hair transplantation prices?

Hair transplantation operation is considered as team work. Therefore, the doctor’s expertise in this field is also recognized as an important factor affecting prices. In other words, a hair transplantation fee that is directly proportional to the success of the doctor who makes effective decisions at every stage, from the planning of the hair transplantation to the realization of the cultivation in a natural structure. In addition, during the operation of the hair follicles, hair follicles to be opened and the hair follicles to be placed one by one, such as the effect of the staff should not be ignored. Any error in these operations will result in failure of the hair transplantation process. Therefore, with an experienced team, the prices of hair transplantation will naturally differ. As a result, it is recommended to prioritize a successful and healthy operation prior to the hair transplantation fee.

The most important criterion determining the price in hair transplantation is how much graft transplantation will be done to the region of the baldness. Therefore, it is not possible to have the standard of hair transplantation fee.

There are very few institutions that make calculations per graft for hair transplantation. Many institutions do not fulfill this promise by saying that they will plant hair follicles as much as they need, and as a result, patients are given less than the number of grafts they need, and even though the maximum graft transplantation is given, and therefore the cost of the operation is higher. In order to avoid negative consequences such as these, the price per graft should be calculated and the grafts taken should be given to the person who has hair transplantation. Therefore, it is important to know the details of the operation to obtain clear and accurate information on hair transplantation prices.

Hair Transplant Prices 2019

With the increase in the demand for hair transplantation, the number of hair transplant centers in Istanbul has increased. Price scales vary due to many hair transplantation centers. After you have decided to have a hair transplantation process, you should pay attention to whether the price is low or high. Hair transplantation center devices, hospital structure, experienced hair transplant experts will increase the price of the operation.

The most natural results are obtained by using the latest hair transplant techniques such as FUE, GOLD FUE, DHI hair transplantation, and unshaved hair transplant methods. With the newest anesthesia technique sedation, no pain is felt during the procedure. You will see the result of the after hair transplantation. It should be noted that the process of hair transplantation is irreversible. Therefore, when taking a hair transplant, be sure to consider the hair transplant center rather than the price.

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