After Hair Transplant, Can Hair Be Shed?

After Hair Transplant, Can Hair Be Shed?


Since hair roots are collected from the nape area for hair transplant, there is little chance of hair loss. Because hair follicles in your nape area are known permanently and are stronger than your natural hair.


The lifespan of the hair follicles in the neck area is longer than the other hair follicles. This is the reason why hair follicles continue to exist in the nape area despite hair loss and weakening. So, yes, your hair may fall, but hair will be used for hair transplant will be taken from your neck, shedding takes place later. However, in some people, the nuchal region is sparse and in others, it is more intense. These genetic differences vary according to the number of hair follicles contained in a single graft.


How is Hair Loss Level Analyzed?

  • When you throw it in your hair, if there are many hair strands between your fingers,
  • If you see a striking number of hair strands in the area you’re sitting at,
  • If there is a noticeable reduction in your hair,
  • If the bathroom is blocked due to your hair after bathing,
  • If a large number of hair strands accumulate in the comb in a short time,
  • If your hair is weaker than in the past, you can consult your doctor and ask for solutions.


Will all hair loss result in baldness?

Not every hair loss results in baldness. Having a strong and healthy hair does not mean that hair strands will not be shed. Healthy hair strands can also be poured, and as long as the hair roots are strong, this is a natural process. Hair follicles have 3 separate phases. After the hair strands are poured, a new process begins to Hair Transplant. This process of hair growth cycle is experienced many times in human life. Hair loss as part of this process is part of a healthy and natural process. It should not be confused with spills that will create baldness.

Our hair is also poured into its growth growth and shedding phases. The point to be noted here is the structure and strength of hair follicles.


After hair transplant, are the new hair roots permanent?

As a result, it is necessary to distinguish the size of the baldness from the spillage of the hair in the normal cycle. Due to the hair transplant operation, the removal of the hair from the nape area, and the hair that is planted, the roots will not be poured in such a way as to create baldness like the other hair follicles because of the differences in their genetic structure.

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