Attention to Hair Transplantation Guarantee Certificate!

Attention to Hair Transplantation Guarantee Certificate!

People who struggle against hair loss for a long time, and now decide to get rid of hairlessness, decide to make hair transplantation. One of the most important questions in the minds of people who have hair transplant is whether the hair will grow in a healthy way. Because one’s expectations are in this direction. Some hair transplantation centers will give Hair Transplant Guarantee Certificate. Is there a provision for this document? Absolutely there is no.


  • Hair transplant guarantee is not legal, there is no such application.
  • It is not ethical because it is prepared for commercial purposes,
  • There is no validity because it is not legal.

Therefore, do not rely solely on people and institutions that say they will give you a guarantee. After all, you deliver your health and body, you don’t buy a dishwasher from the store.

However, you should not confuse the warranty certificate with the report issued by your specialist after the operation hair transplant.

Your expert’s report will not include a warranty certificate but they will give you a paper that includes;

  • Who made the operation,
  • Where it was carried out,
  • Which date was made,
  • How many grafts are planted?

Hair Transplantation Guarantee Certificate Used to Convince the Patient

Hair Transplant Guarantee Certificate
Hair Transplant Guarantee Certificate

As is known, hair transplantation is a surgical operation. Although the success rate of hair transplantation has increased compared to previous years, as in any surgical operation, success in hair transplantation operations cannot be guaranteed. The Hair Transplant Guarantee Certificate is a piece of paper that is prepared for commercial purposes and has no provision and is convinced.




More specifically, there are some factors that affect hair transplant success.


  • Hair transplantation is carried out only by experts,
  • Hair transplantation is carried out in centers approved by the Ministry of Health,
  • The donor area should be suitable for hair transplant,
  • The health status of the person who has hair transplantation should be suitable for the operation.

It is useful to act in light of this information. Because there are certain rules for you if you have specific rules about the doctor and the health center for hair transplant. There is nothing that can be done if your donor area and health status are not suitable for operation. So before hair transplant, you must know the information you need to know.

There is no guarantee of hair transplantation, but how to make sure the success rate of the operation?

  1. Explain your expectations to your hair transplant, your expectations may not match. In this case, the opinion of your specialist is important.
  2. Talk to more than one expert. In this way, you can compare different opinions.
  3. The Ministry of Health does not allow the hair transplantation centers to publish their pre/post photos on their websites. Check out the pre/post photos of the hair transplant specialist before you go to the interview.
  4. Investigate the expert on the internet. Note that the internet is home to a lot of information. You need to be a good media, literate writer.
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