Hair Transplant Day 2

Hair Transplant Day 2

Hair Transplant Day 2
Hair Transplant Day 2

The second day of you healing process after the surgery is not very different from the first day after hair trandplant. Most of the general instructions are the same. And so are most of the precautionary statements. It means that once you have experienced the first day. You did not fell any exceptional discomfort, then it’s good news for you because the second day and rest of the days gets easier to tolerate than the previous ones.

General Care:

On the second day after your surgery, there will be itching and swelling like the first day. But it will be less than the first day and much tolerable. You will see small scabs on the recipient area and red holes like spots in the donor area. It is quite normal. You should not touch or rub your head on the second day as well.

Precautionary Measures:

It is very important for your hair that you follow the instructions on the second day as well. You may do light intensity activities up to the extent of short walks. But make sure you follow these.


For the first 3 to 4 nights you need to use a pillow or couple of pillows, whatever suits you. This helps you head maintain an angle of 45 degrees. This reduces swelling to great extent. You can lie on your back or sides but do not lie face down. It is to be noted that the whole setting is to prevent your recipient area from contacting the pillow or anything. If the grafts are transplanted to the top of your head which you think will cause contact, then use a rolled towel under the neck to prevent contact.


Using a headband against swelling in the head has been seen to be very effective. You should start wearing a headband after the first wash and the bandage we put at our clinic serves the same purpose. We shall do the first hair wash after the surgery at our hospital. Our doctors personally recommend that you should wear the headband for at least 4 hours on the second day as well.

Hair Transplant Day 2
Hair Transplant Day 2
Hairband and Sleep:

You must note that that you should not sleep with a hairband on you head. And while wearing or taking it off you should stretch it enough so that it does not pull off the hairs.


You must not smoke on the second day as well. If you are a chain-smoker you will have to control yourself for at least 7 to 10 days following the surgery. Same rule applies for alcohol.


Try to stay away from alcohol and similar items for 7 to 10 days. And do not use any drugs without consultation from the specialists.


Do not go to sauna for first 3 months after the surgery. And NO Sunbathing.


It is repetitively NOT Recommended to go to sea or swimming pool for swimming purposes, if you care for your hair.


You must not indulge in contact sports and such activities after 2 days of surgery. Nothing which can stimulate sweat.
Sexual Activity: It is strongly advised not to have sexual activity until 1 week has passed after the surgery.

Touching the hair:

You may feel the urge to touch your hair with your hand after the treatment. You must acknowledge that you should not touch the hair using hands because it can infect the hair follicles which is the last thing you would want after going through the surgery and process.
Washing the hair: We recommend washing the hair on the third day following the surgery. But still our doctors will guide you in detail as it may vary from case to case.


Please use the prescribed shampoo for a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks past the surgery. We usually issue special shampoos which are beneficial from the regrowth perceptive of the hair and its follicles. Using ordinary shampoos and conditioners are highly forbidden for one month after the surgery.


For the first 14 days, please use the recommended lotions.
Diet and Nutrition: Take protein rich nutrition like fish and calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B and iron are good. Avoid spicy foods because they are not good for the follicles.

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