Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

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  • We are providing to our patients the latest and so far the safest FUE harvesting technique by  the excellent “WAW FUE System 2.0” with special oscillation feature and “Hybrid Trumpet”punches. Less grafts, more hairs, even better results! FUE expert.The real breakthrough in hair transplant! 
  • WAW FUE System 2.0 with Wireless Control.
    The new version of the WAW System now offers its app with wireless control of the three main parameters to get optimal Fue’s: Choose the acceleration speed, oscillation mode and angulation. It also offers a beneficial scoring counting. WAW FUE System 2.0, with its Bluetooth connection between the pedal and any mobile device, supported by the new Application. The app helps to control the angulation and speed directly from phone or tablet. Furthermore, it allows to visualize the movements of the punch with precision and facilitate the settings of the WAW pedal considerably. 

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    for extended, one day hair transplant surgeries 2000-3000 hair grafts (cc. 4000-7000 hairs) Low cost hair transplant, price for hair  transplant, fue transplants, hair plantation price, hair plantation costhair replacement cost ! 
    Airport transfer is included, discount hotel rates booking through our clinic from 40€
  • S-FUE hair transplant strategy (innovation of Ahmet’s Clinic) provides 
    less grafts, more hairs, lower price. Latest hair implant, hair plant, fue transplants techniques, the WAW SYSTEM with TRUMPET PUNCHES.
  • We do provide FUE hair transplant for curly haired people as well:  african hair transplant, hair transplant for black persons, afro hair transplant, hair transplant curly hair, but hair transplant (FUE harvesting technique) can not be performed in some individual with hard black type skin. In these cases we need to perform test surgery first. If FUE technique ( individual graft extraction) can not be excetuted, we can still shift for FUT -strip harvesting.
  • Hair transplant for grey hair. Grey hair restoration

Turkey Clinic: The credible and reliable hair transplant clinic Istanbul, Turkey

Safe and succesful hair restoration, hair transplantation Turkey. Safe hair transplant Turkey.
The clinic owner and head doctor, dr.plastic surgeon, hair transplant surgeon has accredited ISHRS membership since 1996. dr. and his team has more than 25 years experience in hair restoration.
Learn more about dr. plastic surgeon, hair transplant expert




  • Fully authorized by the Germany Authority  (National Public Health and Medical Officer Service)
  • Our professional medical, hair transplant expert certificates, diplomas and licenses 
  • Leader of the clinic dr. performing consultations and hair transplant surgery himself with his experienced assistens. He offers proffesional hair transplant in Turkey, hair transplant Istanbul, FUE Istanbul, hair implants Istanbul.
  • More than 25 years practice in hair transplant, hair implant, hair plant field, fue fue technique
  • Plenty of surgeries done – several satisfied foreign patients from all over the world

Full head hair transplant result in two steps (two surgeries 1 year apart). FUE hair transplant for Norwood class VI patient. 
First surgery with 2528 grafts for the front, second one with 2586 grafts for the back. Natural result, great coverage!

Hair transplant reviews, hair transplants patient testimony:

Hair transplant review by patient A.W.”It is nearly just over 9 months since my last operation and I am extremely pleased with the results. I am considering my next procedure with dr. Turkey


Worldwide recognized FUE and FUT-strip hair transplants procedures and results.
S-FUE hair transplant strategy, less grafts, more hairs, cheaper price, less costs! 
Low hair restoration costs+10% discount
Best Methods Latest automated (powered) FUE techniques and manual FUE harvesting techniques with high accuracy. Hair restoration transplantation.
Excellent outcome Reliable and natural hair transplant results, personally tailored!
One day, short hair surgery Highly professional treatments, transplantation of big amount of hairs as  2500- 3000 grafts ( cc. 5000-7000 hairs) /in one surgery/in one day/ in 6-7 hours.
Short healing One week usually enough for main recovery
Facial hair transplants for men ( beard transplant, mustache transplant, facial hair implants)
Hair transplants for women, pubic hair transplantation
Eyebrow FUE transplants, eyebrow implant
BHT FUE transplants (Body hair to head hair, beard hair to head hair, head hair to body etc.)
 Unshaven hair implant ( FUE hair transplants without shaving the hair)
 We do take african hair transplant, we do african hair implant as well

Be aware! Other appellations besides “FUT -strip” hair transplant and “FUE” hair transplant are for marketing purposes only! Read more about this..

Video of our Hair transplant surgery at Turkey Clinic.

 Hair transplant Budapest. Turkey CLINIC LOCATION:

Distance from UK to Turkey is: 907 Miles 
 (1459.7 Kilometers / 787.7 Nautical Miles) 
Approximate flight travel time from London, UK to Turkey, Istanbul is 2 hrs, 2 mins

Dublin – Turkey: 1190.09 miles / 1915.27 km
Paris- Istanbul: 780.49 miles / 1256.08 km
Bruxelles – Istanbul: 702.36 miles / 1130.33 km
Rome – Istanbul : 526.52 miles / 847.34 km
Madrid – Istanbul : 1232.55 miles / 1983.59 km
Zurich – Istanbul : 494.34 miles / 795.56 km 



For personal quote and other details please contact Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic directly.WHY THE TURKEY HAIR CLINIC? 

best hair transplant
FUE hair transplant


Turkey Hair Transplant FUE Clinic  in Istanbul, Turkey is a modern private clinic institute, providing the state-of-art hair transplant methods as FUT (Strip) hair transplantation and FUE hair transplantation (individual follicular extraction) techniques as well. Leader of the Turkey Hair Transplant private clinic is M.D. FUE hair transplant expert in Istanbul, TURKEY who has more than 25 years in practicing hair transplant surgery. Dr. TURKEY has accomplished general plastic surgery and hair transplant trainings, courses and congresses in the USA and several other countries and occasions. 

See our hair transplant video one of the Turkey Clinic’s very successful cases.
FUE hair transplantation with 5074 grafts in two surgeries

Drs from turkey was cooperating with the leading british hair clinic, FARJO Medical and responsible for performing FUE hair transplant surgeries in Manchester, England in the year 2012-13.

dr. was the full member of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery in 2014. This is a non-profit medical organisation for clinicians and scientists specialising in hair restoration surgery. According to strict ethical and professional guidelines of the Association, the highest level of hair transplant surgery  is provided.


More about dr. CV, and scientific activity and Hair Transplant FUE Clinic
Hair transplant Istanbul, hair transplant in Turkey, FUE Istanbul.

 Skype video consultation available upon coordination: turkeydr

Basics of hair transplantation 

Hair transplant, restoration, implantation

The patient’s own hair from the donor region is transplanted to the bald or sparse part of the scalp. Only own hair can be transplanted as hair from other individual will be rejected by immunological reasons. Also beard hair or body hair can be transplanted to head.

The basic of hair transplant surgery is the fact, that hair follicules at the occipital and fringe regions are not sensitive against hormons so those who are going to be bald even in great extension have their remaining hair at that areas. According to the principle of the so called  „ donor dominance” follicules transplantated from this areas bring and maintain this feature at the recipient site so from the transplantated follicules hair grows normally and does not shed later. 
The contemporary microsurgical method of  transplantation with follicular units (FUT hair transplant method -strip technique or FUE hair transplant method, individual extraction method) gives much more: entirely natural appearence, no more „brush like” disturbing hair knots or heavy scars. Our method gives acceptable density and even from short distance no one can see that the new hair is transplanted.

fue hair transplant before and after
fue hair transplant before and after
fue hair transplant before and after
fue hair transplant before and after


Szakállbeültetés előtt
Szakállbeültetés után
Szakállbeültetés előtt
Szakállbeültetés után

Full beard transplant and mustache transplant before and after at Hungary Clinic

 Full beard transplant and mustache transplant for our kind  patient. WAW System FUE donor harvesting 5732 grafts have been obtained and transplanted in a 2 days surgery. Pictures are taken before, immediately after, and 7 days after. Grafts harvested from beard, ready for implantation. Beard grafts containing usually 1 hair, but very good quality. 
Beard grafts can be used as source for head hair or filling beard patches.

We have great experience in  beard transplantation, mustache transplant, fue beard transplant. Our successful facial hair transplant surgeries is done by the usual FUE harvesting methode.
Our beard transplant results are very natural, no one can tell that the beard hairs or mustache hairs are transplanted,  no visible scar formation, any beard transplant scarring can be detected on the face-neck region even  with close investigation. Beard hair can be transplanted to head as a second donor source in smaller cases.

Body hair grafts
Body hair grafts usually contain 1 hair/graft. 
We experienced much higher hair density with this patient taken from chest region, almost similar look and hair contain as head hair.

Body hair can be used for head, beard, mustache reconstruction, but worth to note that hair growth is different from head hair.

Hair transplant surgery (harvesting) techniques. FUT (FUSS) strip hair transplant surgery and FUE hair transplant (single extraction technique)

Only follicular unit grafting methods (Follicular Unit Transplantation) are the state-of-art in hair transplant surgery. The two well known and professionally accepted  donor hair harvesting techniques are the FUT method -strip excisionand the FUE method -single (individual) extraction. Both are effective and successful, if properly executed. The rest of the surgery (recipient site preparation, graft insertion-graft planting) goes the same way by boths methods. Selection the most fitting method for the patient is a remarkable part of the surgical plan.

Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE Hair Transplant, FUE hair trans, FUE method, FUE harvesting

FUE technique, “fue method”, fue harvesting  (Follicular Unit Extraction technique) means the removal of the follicular units each by each, individually by the use of micro punch knife (usually diameter 0.75-1 mm) from the donor site, sides and back of the hairy scalp.  The extracted hairs are growing later at the recipient site ( bald area), while at the donor site FUE harvesting leaves several white dots of minimal scars on the donor area (instead of the thin linear scar of the strip after FUT surgery).  These very small scars are not visible even in 2-3 mm long hair. 
We provide the state-of-art powered FUE harvesting technique. With this technique we can achieve cc. 800 -3000 FU grafts/surgery/day. Transplantation (implantation or planting of grafts) is done by 1-2 hairs FU grafts at the frontal hairline with ultrarefined technique, while the rest of the scalp are covered with mixtured type ( 1-4 hairs) follicular grafts. No scar formation is detectable nearby the transplanted grafts, direction and mood of hair growing is natural by the utilization of the correct so called ” lateral slit” technique. Recovery after FUE hair transplant is short, usually takes one week only. Keep in mind, that the donor site (back and side of the head) shall be shaved for secure, quick extraction of vast numbers of grafts.
We provide manual and powered FUE techniques as well.

FUE hair implantation technique can be recommended :

  • For anyone, who prefer this method. This is the most frequently applied, most popular and effective technique nowadays!
  • Patients who like to wear their hair very short in the donor zone or might consider shaving off all their hair.
  • Patients who require a small hair transplant, for example to hide the scars of a face lift or an eyebrow transplant.
  • Patients with a donor zone with limited hair (female hair loss for smaller cases)
  • Patients who wish to hide the scar of a previous hair transplant intervention.

Hair transplant surgery is not recommended in some condition, e.g. when the baldness is large, but the donor site is very few. You should ask the specialist who can judge the indication for your HT surgery.

Donor site immediately after removal of  2430 FUE grafts by FUE techniqueDonor site immediately after removal of  2430 FUE grafts by FUE technique

Recipient site immediately implanting of the follicular units with lateral slit technique with high density
Recipient site immediately implanting of the follicular units with lateral slit technique with high density

FUT (Strip harvesting) hair transplant method

FUT -Strip hair surgery is usually recommended to patients with long hair who do not like to be shaved, especially women.
Donor area
 is the occipital region of the scalp. By the regular “strip” donor harvesting method we remove in horizontal direction a long, narrow strip from ear to ear of the hair-bearing skin. The edges of this wound are closed, so there is no lack of hair, only a narrow, soft scar line what is invisible in the hair. This scar is closed with the special “trichophytic suture”, which by means hair are growing through the scar, so it would not be seen in a short 0.5 cm hair even.

This strip are sliced into slivers, and from this very small skin islands (grafts) are cut, containing only 1-2, or 3-4 hair follicules ( follicular units). These are called follicular unit grafts, formally called the 1- 2 hairs micro, 3- 4 hairs  minigrafts. Preparation and cutting of the grafts is an extremely precise and meticulous work, survive of the grafts are greatly upon the technique utilized. We make small incisions with special instruments at the recipient area, and the grafts are positioned in them one by one.
Incisions and implantation is the same as with FUE technique. 

Hair transplant for women is also successful!

hajátültetés, hajbeültetés női diffúz hajhiány esetén. Műtét előtt
hajátültetés, hajbeültetés női diffúz hajhiány esetén. Műtét után

Central type female alopecia, covered by FUT transplant surgery

For women, we can provide as good result with hair transplant surgery as in men. Hair transplant for female alopecia or hairline lowering is succesful only if the circumstances are approriate. We need to know the donor site features, to decide whether surgery is useful, should be applied or not. 

  • For women  hair transplant surgery is only recommended  if the density and the hair quality at the donor site is in favour to achieve the desired and possible result.

Unfortunately women hair loss is frequently affects the donor site, associated with hair thinnig. This can contraindicate the surgery, if no acceptable result can be provided. We should know the patient’s donor site well to be able to decide whether is it suitable or not. If the answer yes, it is still a question what can we offer according to hair density and quality.

  • The donor site (back and side of the head) shall be totally shaved for secure, quick extraction of vast numbers of grafts with FUE technique.

This a crucial question for women. Keeping longer hair at the back and sides of the head is not possible, only with FUT –strip harvesting technique, f ue technique is rarely utilizied.

  • For women the so called „shock loss” phenomenon can causes falling out of the exisiting hairs at the recipient site in some degree. It is not occuring all the time, but if yes, it can be disturbing for female patients. These hairs are growing back by reasonable time for sure.

Indications for hair transplant for women:

  • We can increase the density in sparse areas,
  • we can lower the high hairline, hairline lowering
  • we can hide scars of the forhead-temple after cosmetic surgical intervention as face lift.
  • Eyebrow or eyelash transplants are effective as well.

Other appellations besides “FUT hair transplant” and “FUE hair transplant” are for marketing purposes only.

Basically two state-of art hair transplant harvesting method is known scientifically:

  • FUT-strip harvesting (also called Follicular Unit Strip Surgery, FUSS)
  • FUE- Follicular Unit Extraction (individual follicles extraction technique)

One can meet in the international hair transplant information materials several different names for hair transplant techniques, especially for FUE method.
Unfortunately some of them are misleading and inappropriate.

Those names like ” FUE2 Safe System” or „FUE2 hair transplant” ,”she hair transplant” „SHE method” “FUE3″,”FUEE”, “DHI” (direct hair implantation),  “DFR” (direct follicular relocation), “Safe System FUE2”, Safe System fue, “FUE plus hair transplant”, “s.h.e. hair transplant”, “she method”,”profue method”, “3G hair transplant”, „U-FUE hair transplant” are only for marketing purpose they are all using the basic FUE method. 
Any surgeon can use somewhat different equipments for individual follicular harvesting or can prefer different techniques e.g. manual or powered, or use different type of punch knife ( e.g. sharp vs. dull) but it is still the same FUE method and nothing else. MORE…


Hair transplant patients are being lured to black market pirate clinics across the world, at an alarming rate. They are promised low prices and guaranteed results. Unfortunately, these ‘clinics’, where surgeries are performed by non-doctors with little or no training, are causing irreparable harm. ISHRS members warn consumers to do all necessary research prior to surgery and to find a doctor in which you can verify their credentials. Your safety and well-being are at risk if you don’t do your homework. Here you are the basic infomation how to avoid being cheated, visit

 You can find our guide to data protection here.

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