Hair Tansplant from the Beard

As is known, the most commonly used hair transplantation method is FUE. In the FUE method, the nape is mostly preferred as a donor region. FUE Hair Transplantation is performed by placing grafts collected from the region between the two ears on the neck, in the channels opened in the balding area. In cases where the nape area is inadequate, different areas in the body are used as donor area. Among these are the most known places; chest, back and legs. In this article, we will process ”beard” which is an unusual donor region. So how is hair transplantation done? Why is it preferable? What are the advantages of beard hair transplant? The answers to all these questions are in this article.


Why Beard Hair Transplant is preferred?

In hair transplant operations, the nuchal region between two ears is preferred as the donor area. The reason of this; hair follicles in the nape of the neck and a natural image of the hair is transplanted. If the person’s neck area is not strong or adequate; places such as the chest, back and leg can also be used as a donor area. However, you may appreciate that the hairs in these places can be curly or thin wire, which may not meet the expectations in hair transplant. Here comes the beard hair transplant. Because the roots taken from the beard are mostly thicker and stronger. However, because the beard area is more intense, the lack is not felt. This can meet the expectations of the patient.

Beard bristles are of better quality. For example; The thickness of a beard wire is almost equal to 2 hair strands.

Considering the volume of the area and the location it will be planted, beard hair transplantation is very advantageous. Because with less root, a larger area can be covered.


How is Hair Transplant Done from Beard?

Recently, in the world and in Turkey from the beard hair transplantation is being successfully implemented; It is preferred by many people. Beard hair used as a donor area in hair transplantation is classified as a quality root. The hair in the beard application, which provides a full and healthy image, is preferred for hairs in the neck, jaw and cheekbones. FUE is the most common hair transplantation technique in the world for hair transplantation, which has the same logic as normal hair transplantation.

Find out about FUE METHOD ⇒ Hair Transplantation with FUE Method


In the operations where the graft can be collected between 4000 and 5000, another remarkable point is that the beard’s are dilute to relax. This can be explained as a kind of epilation. Here’s a little more information. People who do not need hair transplantation, but who are uncomfortable with bushy beard hair also have this procedure. Beard hair transplant operation; If your beard is bushy, both your beard hair will be diluted and you will have new hair follicles in your bald areas.

In operations where the beard is preferred as a donor site, more delicate needles are used to collect beard roots. In this way, there is no trace in the beard area.

Advantages of Beard Hair Transplant Operation

  • Beard bristles are stronger and better than nape hairs,
  • Beard hair transplantation, according to the status of the donor region can be made more than one session. The advantageous part is; In cases where the nape is used as a donor area, it is expected to be 1 year for the second session. In this way, the donor area is relaxed and healed. This period is 2 months for beard hair transplantation.
  • As is known, it is very important to follow the rules to be observed after hair transplantation. The use of the beard instead of the neck as a donor area offers more comfortable mobility after the operation,
  • While the donor region where ensenin is preferred, it takes a few weeks to heal;
  • 1 beard hair may be equivalent to approximately 2 hair strands. In this way, with less root, a larger area can be covered,
  • The roots taken from the beard during the shock spill are more resistant because they are stronger than the neck.
  • It is more likely to hold in the hill area.


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