Hair Mesotherapy

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is a treatment applied by injecting the scalp. Mesotherapy, which strengthens hair follicles by feeding hair follicles, differs from Hair PRP in terms of its content. What conditions and how is hair mesotherapy applied? Who need it?


What is the content? How is it applied?

Mesotherapy, which contains vitamins, minerals, oligo-elements and drug mixtures, is applied by injecting the scalp. When injecting, needle tips with diameters ranging from 2 to 4 mm are used. Thanks to hair mesotherapy, which is a medical method and only performed by doctors at the hair transplantation centers, the injected solution provides a revitalization of the scalp tissue. How many sessions of mesotherapy can be easily applied to everyone who has hair loss (women and men) can vary according to the person’s shedding and hair structure. Mesotherapy, however, can be performed extensively and regionally and injected in small doses.

How long does hair mesotherapy process last?

Before mesotherapy, the person’s hair structure is analyzed. After this analysis, the degree of hair loss in the hair follicles and the rate of shedding in hair follicles are being learned . These results are the factors that determine how many sessions of mesotherapy will be applied. Another important factor that determines how many sessions of mesotherapy will be applied is hair loss. Mesotherapy is a treatment method that is being applied through sessions and one session is completed in an average of 20 minutes.


Generally, 1 session is sufficient for hair loss caused by postnatal or anemia. But if there is a permanent hair loss, the number of sessions increases. For hair loss other than this, hair mesotherapy can be recommended 2 – 3 times a year.



When hair mesotherapy should be applied?

  • Hair loss caused by stress,

  • Seasonal hair loss,

  • Hair loss caused by metabolism,

  • Sudden hair loss after pregnancy.

However, mesotherapy can be applied in hair loss of genetic origin. As is known, mesotherapy in genetically induced hair loss can only slow down hair loss. Hair transplantation is the most effective solution for genetic hair loss.


Tips After Hair Mesotherapy

  • After mesotherapy, the person can not wash his hair for a short time and do not let it wet,

  • No medication taken,

  • And it is recommended to take a break from the hair care products used at home.

Does Hair Mesotherapy Really Work?

 Anyone who considers taking mesotherapy is firstly looking for the answer to this question in order not to waste time and money. This practice, which we often hear in the aesthetic field in recent years, can be overestimated for commercial purposes. In order to understand the effectiveness of mesotherapy with a very old history, let us first look at the researches and surprising results about hair mesotherapy.

The use of mesotherapy, which is among the most known medical aesthetic applications, is increasing day by day. Mesotherapy technique, which can be applied easily and in a short time, is used in areas such as antiaging applications, regional attenuation and hair strengthening. And more and more demand among patients. Is mesotherapy really as effective as it is mentioned? Does hair mesotherapy really work?


Mesotherapy is a method which is applied by injecting a large number of active substances into the derm layer, which is known as the middle layer of the skin. First applied in 1952, the method has become a formal branch of medicine in some countries and has been used in many areas today. Mesotherapy is used not only in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetics, but also in the treatment of different diseases such as musculoskeletal diseases, skin diseases and asthma.


Scientific Studies on Mesotherapy

There are scientific researches on the effectiveness of mesotherapy, particularly the positive results of the applications for the musculoskeletal system. There are fewer studies in the field of mesotherapy such as antiaging, hair strengthening and alopecia. It is stated that some of them are positive and some of them have opposite results.


Studies on mesotherapy have shown that the effectiveness of mesotherapy application varies according to mesotherapy solutions and their formula. There is not enough research on the components required for mesotherapy to be effective.


Michel Pistor, the French doctor of mesotherapy, has gathered the essential principles of effective mesotherapy in a book. According to this, important information about the fundamentals of an effective mesotherapy is included, although there is no complete information on the ideal content is required for the solution.

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