Hair loss at 22 and very concerned

I’m 22, Male, and have had a ton of stress over the past four or so years. I’ve been slowly losing hair (noticed a bit of loss about two or three years ago I think) on the right side and now a small bit is gone on the left side. Is it possible that this is stress related but NOT indicative of MPB? I mean is is possible that this isn’t just speeding up MPB that I’d get later on regardless? And if it grows back a bit or stops falling, do I need to worry that it is MPB which will continue? Or can I move on and assume whatever was lost, whether it regrows or not, was just due to stress and that there won’t be any more loss? I really need help please. Thanks so much!

As this is very important to you, you should see a doctor like me who can make the diagnosis and using tools such as the HAIRCHECK test ( ) and try to predict what your future might look like. Then based upon that assessment, a good doctor will build a Master Plan for you to follow. The key is to keep your hair and with today’s medications and hair transplant technology, it is something that you should want for yourself.

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