Given my family pictures, should I get a transplant?

 When I was 17 the temples of my hairline had receded and I now have very minimal crown loss . I’ve been using minoxidil with dermarolling for the last 3 months on my hairline but all I can see are very tiny vellus hairs along my hairline. However for the past couple days I’ve been having day long migraines and I suspect it might be the minoxidil so I’m stopping use until around next week.

Hair transplants are personal decisions. Knowing what you might look like by looking at family members might help you understand better, especially if you can speak with those that are still alive and ask them if they could get their hair back (an completely undetectable hair transplant) would they have done it. You need to sit down with an expert in this field (hair restoration) and get a Master Plan worked out for your future hair loss problems if your hair loss should occur.

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