GETTY hair transplant

GETTY hair transplant

BEFORE AND AFTER: Wayne Rooney on July, 2013 and on January, 2018

The prince will be following in the steps of dozens of celebs.

As well as Everton ace Rooney, A-listers including Chris Martin, David Beckham and Matthew McConaughey are rumoured to have had transplants.

The pal added: “Harry is determined to go ahead with this although he’s sworn all his mates to secrecy.

“He wants to have all the procedures completed by the end of the year.”

Joe Swash reveals he’s had a THIRD hair transplant and girlfriend Stacey Solomon is ‘totally supportive’

11th June 2018, 2:47 pm

Updated: 11th June 2018, 4:04 pm

JOE Swash has revealed he has undergone a third hair transplant to beat baldness.

The former EastEnders star, 37, is hoping his latest time under the knife will thicken his hair and boost his confidence.


Describing the process as “normal as women having Botox”, Joe said he wants to be able to ditch hats and walk around with a luscious head of hair.

He added: “What I’m looking for KSL to achieve for me is a thicker looking head of hair.

“I always walk around with a hat on, I’m in the public eye a little bit, so it makes me really conscious about things.

“I just want it to look a little thicker, I want to be able to go out without the hat on so much. My mum gives me a hard time about the hat, she’s always like ‘what you doing, get the hat off’.

Earning a living in the public eye, Joe admits he’s concerned what people watching him might think of his appearance and is hoping the op will improve his self-esteem.


The former EastEnders star, 37, is hoping his latest time under the knife will thicken his hair and boost his confidence


Joe, who is dating fellow I’m a Celebrity star Stacey Solomon, 28, said his other half was fully supportive of the surgery

He added: “The reason I decided to have it done again is more to do with my own self confidence.

“I think because I do stuff that other people see I’m more conscious about it than other people.

“Just for myself, to make myself happy and also to thicken it out a little bit. I do notice when I watch myself on TV, I do notice. It’s so accessible now, so many people have had it done.

“The first one I had done it was almost as though people didn’t really talk about it. Now after Rooney and everyone else, no one really frowns upon it any more.”

The actor is hoping his barnet will be at its best when he flies out to Australia later in the year to host the I’m A Celebrity spin-off show Extra Camp.


Joe sported a thicker head of hair in his days on EastEnders

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