Getting a hair transplant in your late 20s, what to know!

I’m getting an FUT procedure done next week. I’m excited and a little nervous. I’m 29. Still have some hair left on top of head. But my temples are completely bald. Can someone share their experience?

  • Was it worth the effort and money?

  • After how long did you see the results?

  • Any shock loss of existing hair? Did it come back?

  • Anything else I need to be aware of?

I believe that every man must develop a Master Plan when they start their hair loss, particularly when they start doing a hair transplant because hair loss is progressive and it may, depending upon your balding pattern, keep going if you inherited a Class 7 pattern (the most extreme pattern as this man did:  ). It is so important that the doctor that you bond with, cares about you and not the size of your bank account. In the example here, I donated the last half of his hair transplants at no charge in exchange for him helping me educate some of my patients, We both got a good deal and he kept his hair for his entire life. I also did his father and his brother and all of his balding friends.

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