Get hair like your favourite celebrity

Get hair like your favourite celebrity

Get hair like your favourite celebrity: Hair transplant 101
Celebrity hairstyle-inspired hair transplants are a new trend. Here is everything you need to know about it.

A man walks into a barbershop, flashes the picture of his favourite actor, and very coolly instructs the barber to give him a haircut that will make him look like his idol. Over the years, this has been the story of a lot of men thronging barbershops, down the years. However, times are changing, and so has the story.
Now, thanks to hair transplant clinics, men are opting for hair transplants inspired by celebrities, and not really haircuts. Some opt for them because they are left with no choice as their hairline starts to recede, owing to various reasons — others go for it because they can.
However, one thing is for sure that you cannot demand that your doctor gives you hair that looks just like that of their favourite celebrities after their transplants. It doesn’t work like that. Getting a hair transplant is an elaborate and complicated process. So, if you are considering getting one, then according to hair experts Dr Arvind Poswal and Dr Abhishek Pilani, here’s everything you need to know.

Hair transplants that are inspired by celebrity hairstyles, too, are a rage these days. Men are increasingly opting for transplants modelled after the looks of cricketer Virat Kohli and actors Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan.
The idea behind it
A hair transplant is the redistribution of hair follicles. Balding usually occurs in the centre of your hair rather than at the sides. Successful redistribution of hair depends on the characteristics of your hair such as quality, quantity, angle, density, growth and longevity. For redistribution, the first priority is given to hair on the sides on the sides of your scalp. A few hair follicles from the side of your scalp are transplanted to bald/balding areas. If the transplant is unsuccessful, then second priority is given to hair from the beard as they grow quickly and have good density. And finally, the third priority is given to hair on your body, for instance the chest and abdomen.
As explained above, the transplant is considered successful when the characteristics of hair being transplanted is similar to the hair on the bald/ balding area.
For those of you who are wondering if it’s possible to redesign (For example: choosing which side you want to part your hair) your hair, then the answer is yes. You can redesign your hair as per your favourite celebrity, but your hair characteristics and quality will remain the same.
How it’s done
There are two techniques that are used to transplant hair. One is follicular unit transplantation method (FUT) and the other is follicular unit extraction (FET). In FUT, the doctor cuts and removes a strip of hair and skin from your scalp and transplants it to the balding areas. The method leaves a scar as the skin is cut and removed. FUT requires longer period of aftercare. It’s a cheaper method compared to FET.
In FET, an incision is made around each hair follicle unit and that is transplanted to the bald/balding areas. The advantage with this method is that it doesn’t leave a scar. Also, the healing process is much faster. However, this procedure is expensive and time-consuming

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