Founder Dr Arika Bansal

Founder Dr Arika Bansal

Eugenix Co-founder Dr Arika Bansal, Dr Pradeep Sethi Publish Book on Hair Transplant

Brandwire | Sep 29, 2018, 12.10 AM IST

Majority of the Indian population, used to accept baldness as a natural phenomenon and live with it compromising on their dreams and outlook. Was even resulting into being misled by Quacks and botched up procedures. This was primarily due to lack of availability of those international standards and technology on which they could believe without a doubt in their mind. People used to save fund so as to accumulate enough for getting the same done from abroad, which for most Indians, until a few years ago, was just a tough dream. Studies and statistics have shown that in India, males are now facing baldness issues as early in their 20s now. This is undoubtedly an alarming sign!

As the demand for more affordable hair transplant surgery continues to grow, it is not surprising to know that the Team of Doctors in India – Dr Arika Bansal, Dr Pradeep Sethi, Dr Sarita Sanke and Dr Abhinav Kumar, with their clinical expertise and world-recognized Technique for Hair Transplant – the DHT® technique, have now made it possible for patients within India and overseas to come and avail world-class treatment. With their International Standard Infrastructure coupled with strict protocols for Safety and Quality, they aim to create a Baldness-free India.

Their DHT technique has brought a revolution in the concept of hair transplant across the globe. Now it is the most sought after technique and is being appreciated by Top Surgeons worldwide. Encouraged with this feedback, they decided to only focus upon HAIR RESTORATION SERVICES. With their clinical associations and accreditations from the biggest and the greatest authorities globally, they have been training other Doctors, at both national and international symposiums & workshops, on their Technique.

In a very short span of time, Eugenix Hair Sciences has become the most preferred name amongst Hair Transplants in India. Their Mumbai centre is gaining popularity and you will see patients coming in from significant backgrounds and status, coming and availing treatments from the Hair Experts!

With an aim to disseminate their learnings and knowledge to other surgeons and the budding medical students, they have recently launched their book ” Step by Step Hair Transplantation”. And yes, it was keenly waited amongst those associated with the Hair Transplant world.

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