Fighting hair loss with new hair transplant

Fighting hair loss with new hair transplant

Fighting hair loss with new hair transplant

Whether it’s extreme hair loss or a receding hair line, there is now a solution that doesn’t involve wigs or hair plugs. It may take a year to see results, but a new kind of hair transplant look so natural, that in the end, you would never know.
Many women love to wear updos, but Chelsea Obourne isn’t one of them.
“I’ve always kind of been self-conscious about these areas here,” she said.
A receding hairline at the temple runs in her family, so she went to Dr. Keimun Slaughter at the Williams Center for Plastic Surgery to receive a hair transplant.
Chelsea’s goal is to wear a ponytail again.
“It’s more the temples where it’s receding,” she explained. “I’ve always been self-conscious about pulling it back because it highlights that area.”
“We are going to take the hair from the back of the scalp, which is the best quality of hair,” Dr. Slaughter said. “That hair is going to be around for ever and ever.”
He then has a team that dissects individual follicles of one to three hairs each under microscopes. They will be used to fill in the temple area in an incredibly natural way.
Dr. Slaughter then spends one morning placing the hair meticulously on Chelsea’s scalp, and he can place it anywhere for anyone.
“People want hair wherever they want it,” he said. “We can do that. We can put it there.”
One year later, Chelsea said she “feels a little bit like a new me.”
She loves to comb her hair now, and she often forgets what her hairline used to look like.
“You get to the point where you just get used to it and that becomes your new normal and it’s not until you look back at photos of yourself and you realize the change and it just feels good,” she said.
So good she would recommend it to anyone.
“I did it on a Friday, I was working the next Monday, so I would say go for it.”

celebrities who have had hair transplants

HEAD: 7 celebrities who have had hair transplants Not so long ago, hair loss was something many men dreaded but weren’t able to do much about. Whether it was a receding hair line, a shiny patch at the crown or general thinning all over, the only way to deal with baldness used to be a razor and a hat. However, today more and more male celebrities are turning to surgeons to help them restore their hair to its full glory. A host of high-profile stars including Wayne Rooney and Louis Walsh have admitted to undergoing hair transplants – and are looking much younger and fresher for it. The procedure involves either transplanting individual hairs into parts of the head that are experiencing thinning, or grafting strips of skin with hairs growing in them using tiny incisions. Here are seven celebrities who have admitted to undergoing hair transplants.

Wayne Rooney
Manchester United star Wayne Rooney underwent a transplant in 2011. He shared the news on Twitter by posting a picture of his scalp, which he captioned: “Just to confirm to all my followers I have had a hair transplant. I was going bald at 25 why not. I’m delighted with the result. “It’s still a bit bruised and swollen when it dies down u will be first to see it. Anyone recommend any good hair gel. Haha.”

Louis Walsh
The X Factor judge spent £30,000 on a hair transplant to correct thinning on top. He was fully open with his colleagues about the procedure, jokingly saying: “I keep telling Gary he needs it next. “I always clock him glancing at my hair on the show. I’m giving Gary the number so hopefully he can get that bald patch at the back of his head sorted out.”

Joe Swash
The former Eastenders actor has admitted to undergoing a hair transplant early in his career after feeling the pressure to look good on screen. “It was for myself and something that I wanted to do, to make me feel better. I was on TV so that might have had something to do with it,” he said. “With the job I am doing, being on TV, I wanted to look my best, which is probably not the best way of thinking about it. It’s how you feel personally.”

Calum Best
The reality star underwent a hair transplant before appearing in Celebrity Big Brother in 2015. “There is no doubt the three procedures have changed my life. No man wants to be bald when he is older,” he said. “I have been losing my hair since my early 20s. Nature’s plan was for me to have thin and patchy hair across the top of my scalp.”

James Nesbitt
The Cold Feet actor underwent two hair transplants at Dublin’s HRBR clinic and was so happy with the results he even appeared in a video testimonial. The 47-year-old said: “Several years ago, I began losing my hair and like a lot of men it was a major concern to me, in fact it was practically an obsession. “Since then I have had two hair transplants and I am very pleased with the results. In fact, I’d go as far as to say they’ve changed my life.”

Gordon Ramsay
The TV chef was spotted leaving the Alvi Armani centre in Beverly Hills wearing a black surgical cap around his head. He was later spotted in LA with a swollen face. It is thought that Gordon was given the same follicular unit extraction treatment as Wayne Rooney, but suffered an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic.

Jason Gardiner
The Dancing on Ice judge spent years hiding under hats before spending £30,000 on a hair transplant in 2016. He was so happy with the result that he decided to help raise awareness of hair transplants by having his second procedure broadcast live on the internet as part of Spencer Kobren’s hair loss show The Bald Truth.

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