Fall hair colour

Fall hair colour

Autumn in turkey is best described as spring in reverse: the soaring temperatures slowly begin to plummet, before dropping off around October. Storms are somewhat common leading into winter, and it’s back to school and work for most.

Pros: The change in temperature means your scalp has less to worry about: if you’re not sweating or exposed to direct sunlight, it gets a break. Foods that encourage growth are still relatively easy to find, like peanuts, whole grains, and pumpkin seeds. If you celebrate Halloween, your incisions could be used as part of a cool costume. And, due to the projected recovery time, your locks will be ready for debut along with the flowers in spring!

Cons: The drastic change in weather could be a shock to your locks if not cared for properly.  If you return to work soon after surgery, your coworkers are likely to notice the incision scar and scabbing. Shedding may also be noticeable. You’ll need to keep a hat or sunscreen on hand if the weather changes too quickly for your hair to be protected.


Just like summers soar into high temperatures, winters in Oklahoma tend to plummet below freezing with a short period of mild weather both before and after. Snowfall can range from a few flakes to a small blizzard, and freezing wind isn’t uncommon.

Pros: Due to it being the holiday season, you will likely be spending time at home—perfect for recovery. With the cold weather, exercise is limited to short gym sessions that won’t endanger your recovery. You won’t have to worry about your scalp being sunburnt, and the cooler temperatures provide a relief from over-washing your hair and scalp.

Cons: The cold weather will take a toll on your strands: the cold, dry air sucks the moisture out of their strands, making them susceptible to breakage. Snowfall and other moisture still present a risk of infection to the incision site, and beneficial foods are in shorter supply. While vitamins may help keep your body healthy, there is also a risk of too much vitamin A that leads to weak hair.

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