Eyebrow Transplant and Eyelash Transplant

The hair in the nape area can be lifted upwards and the area in the form of a horizontal line with a length of 1 cm and a width of 5-10 cm is shaved according to the number of roots to be transplanted. Since the area of hair follicles is very small, there is no indication in this area. Depending on the need in the person’s eyebrows 40-50 root and 400-500 root grafts can be taken. The sowing process is very different in the eyebrow region. Because the eyebrow output pattern is very variable in every person. As the eyebrows come closer to the ears that close to the nose, the eyebrows start to come out with an angle of 40-45 degrees. The importance of this in practice emerges during sowing. The angle of the hair follicles sown must be carefully prepared. Because eyebrows are one of the most noticeable areas on our face. At the slightest negligence, the results can be very disturbing.

The operation of eyebrow transplantation is a very satisfactory hair transplantation procedure with painless local anesthesia and a short period of time of 1-2 hours. There is no pain or discomfort after the procedure. It takes a period of 4-6 months for the eyebrows to gather and take their true form. After 2 months, our patients can take their eyebrows.

Eyebrow transplantation process is one of the most commonly performed in clinical practice.

After 1-2 hours of operation, local anesthesia is easily performed. The roots taken by micromotor with FUE technique are separated from the roots and planted in the region where eyebrows are lost. For the eyebrow, hair follicles can be taken from different parts of the body. But our most preferred region is, of course, the nape part. It can also be taken from the fine hairs in the arm or in the genital area with the underarm, but our experience has been to get the best results from the neck. Feathers in the arm can be very thin, especially in women, and may not be very durable. Likewise, the outlet angle of the hair follicles in the armpits and the genital region may vary widely.

If eyebrows are present in a local area, the procedure is completed successfully in 30 minutes and the results are very satisfactory. In some cases, when they want to thicken the eyebrows of our patients, the shape is determined according to the angle of each hair root. Due to the nature of the hair follicles taken after the cultivation of the eyebrows, there are also some lengthening periods in the eyebrows. Therefore, our patients may need to shorten their eyebrows at regular intervals. It is not a very disturbing process to correct the eyebrow in 15 days according to the need, or a few minutes a month.

In general, we determine the shape of the eyebrows actively take the views of our patients. In most cases, the shape is determined according to the demand of our patients with ideal dyes and thickness for temporary eyebrows. If our patients do not have a specific demand, we are able to determine the ideal shape and perform the procedure after receiving the consent of our patients digitally.


Eyelash Transplant

Eyelash, which is an important part of facial aesthetic appearance, can be corrected by medical treatment for cosmetic or cosmetic reasons. Eyelash transplantation is performed in a hospital environment under operating conditions. The procedure takes 2 hours on average and it is painless without any side effects with local anesthesia. The recovery period is 3 days.

Eyelashes to be planted can be taken from the hairy area as single grafts. Donor region is usually a region of fine hair. Care is given to the thin hair strands of eyebrows or lashes are more suitable than thick wires. The donor’s hair is transported by micro-surgical methods as one or two follicles. Placing hair strands or micrografts one by one is important for providing a natural appearance.

Hair grows in periods and therefore does not appear instantly. It will take 4 to 6 months for new hair to grow in your eyebrow or eyelashes.


Eyebrow Loss

Like other hairs found in the human body, eyebrows can be spilled over time. Eyebrows can develop due to many different reasons. Eyebrows can be lost only in a certain area, as well as losses as a whole. The most common group of patients who were planted in the eyebrow is the female patient group. Eyebrow losses can be seen especially in people who do contours or permanent make-up procedures. In such cases, eyebrows cannot be protected. The patients who are not satisfied with the contouring procedure can have worse results with the removal of the tattoo made by non-qualified persons. Eyebrow areas where very scar tissue remains and the scar tissue of this scar tissue can sometimes be impossible to be done. Eyebrow loss can often result from stress-related factors. Stress-related spills can be temporary or cause permanent eyebrow loss. Therefore, if it is thought to be due to stress, it may be beneficial to wait for 6 months. Because early treatments may damage the existing eyebrow roots. Stress-related spills are the easiest to understand according to the information received from patients. Changes in living conditions, hair, and eyebrows that develop during the exam periods should warn us that there may be stress factors. It is very important to support this patient group professionally. It must be said that this problem can be temporary and should be directed to a specialist doctor. After 6 months, if the eyebrows are properly seated, eyebrow transplantation can be treated.

Apart from this, spills due to trauma are common. In children, lacerations in the eyebrow area damage the roots and cause loss of eyebrows locally or as a whole. Likewise, eyebrow integrity may be impaired due to burns on the face. The most important factor in the treatment of eyebrows caused by trauma is the size of the scar tissue. If the size of the developing scar is not too high and the tissue integrity is not impaired, our patients will benefit from the treatment of the eyebrows. However, in some cases, if there is a condition that is very hard and has lost normal skin consistency, even if it is still bleeding, there may not be much to do anymore. In this case, different methods can be tried with physician consultation.

Eyebrow spill pattern is different in each patient. There may be spills near the nose root as well as on the outside of the eyebrow. As a result, no matter what area it develops, the only method of treatment for eyebrows is eyebrows. For this reason, our warnings to our patients, they do not know the information about the ear with serious information that can damage the eyebrows is to avoid treatment methods. These practices, which are frequently heard among people such as razor blade, almond oil or garlic riding, can have very serious irreversible results.


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