Effectiveness of finasteride in 126 men over 5 years (two hospital sstudy)



Finasteride 1 mg is considered to be the standard treatment method for male androgenetic alopecia (AGA). However, there have only been a few studies investigating its long?term efficacy. Moreover, its effect on various types of AGA remains unknown. In this study, the authors investigated the 5?year efficacy of finasteride 1 mg in Korean men with AGA and analyzed the changes in hair growth according to the distribution of hair loss. The medical records of male AGA patients who were treated with oral finasteride for a period of at least 5 years at two university hospitals were retrospectively reviewed. Patients’ photographs were evaluated using the basic and specific (BASP) classification and investigator’s global assessment. Of the total 126 patients, 108 (85.7%) showed improvement after 5 years of treatment. According to the BASP classification, hair loss of the anterior hair line (basic type), vertex (V type), and frontal area (F type) was improved in 44.4%, 89.7% and 61.2% of patients, respectively. The V type showed a more rapid and steady improvement compared with the other types. Progression of alopecia after peak improvement was seen in 10.3% of cases of the V type, 16.2% of the F type and 0% of the basic type. In conclusion, finasteride 1 mg showed a sustainable effect for at least 5 years in Korean male AGA patients. The exact time points showing signs of first clinical improvement and sustainability were different depending on the type of alopecia

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