Early crown loss, what should I do?

Could you give your opinion on how i can treat my thinning thinning?  I’ve always had thin hair but the crown is noticeably thinning i think. I’ve always had a widows peak even from an early age but i’d expect it may be very slowly increasing in size over time also but it’s hard to say. It may be worth noting but i currently only use Nizoral anti dandruff shampoo in my hair every 3/4 days and that is what has provided the best results for my scalp which used to get dry and itchy. I very rarely apply any product into my hair because of the same dryness/itchiness also.

Your hair loss, if significant, is very early. I wonder if you should do anything about it. Maybe minoxidil liquid applied to the crown is the most benign approach and finasteride for the frontal hairline.  The enlarging Widow’s peak suggests that your hairline is moving upwards, maybe just maturing but that is the reason to see a specialist in this area.

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