Doctors removed over 900 tiny pieces of skin

Doctors removed over 900 tiny pieces of skin

Justin described how his receding hair line and thinning locks had left him feeling insecure

Doctors removed over 900 tiny pieces of skin from the back of his head, extracted the follicles and implanted them into 2,800 incisions made in his scalp, eyebrows and sideburn area

He continued: ‘This procedure definitely helped bridging the gap for me. As I get older, if I wanted to implant a whole beard, Dr Kahen can do that too.

‘The change is pretty drastic. Seeing the hair grow has been really cool and the fact that I could artistically enhance my eyebrows and my sideburns is really awesome.

‘Because the hair is genetically programmed to grow at the same rate as my head hair, its growing at an uncontrollable rate. I get up and it looks like I have old man eyebrows, due to it growing super long and super-fast.

‘So I have to keep them groomed and in place, making sure they all face the right direction, I’m having to use scissors and trimming my sideburns, which I’ve never had to do before.

‘I trim them on a daily basis due to it growing so fast, it’s kind of weird but also really fun to have facial hair – I’m finally stepping into my manhood.’

Justin said the eight-hour procedure was so successful that he has been left trimming his eyebrows and sideburns every day

Justin was just 18 when he had his first of five nose jobs, and has undergone 630 cosmetic procedures in total since then.

He says he has  spent $625,000 (£445,000) over the years, and claims he is the ‘world’s most modified man’.

His alterations include procedures on his nose, cheeks, chin, jaw, forehead, lips, shoulders, back, six-pack abs, biceps, triceps and bum and more.

Justin said: ‘When I was 25 years old, having pec implants definitely served me as wright of passage, marking a time when I accepted myself as a young man and not just a boy.

‘I feel that with the facial hair grafts, it’s me owning my age and stepping into a comfort with my middle age, something that I’ve never previously felt.

It took four months for his new hair to grow, but since then, Justin (pictured immediately after the transplant) has been delighted with the rapid regrowth

‘I wanted to masculinize my facial hair a bit and thus the decision to thicken and widen my eyebrows. I also wanted to give myself sideburns.’

JustinHe tried to cover it with make-up but the insecurities about the balding patches, thinning areas and the longing for sideburns encouraged him to opt for a more permanent solution.

Justin said: ‘From that moment I couldn’t stop thinking about them and considered rejuvenation.

‘Looking at pictures, I used to style my hair by pushing it forward and floppy at the front to hide the recession and would even use make-up to darken the hairline.

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