Doctors initially prefer hormonal injections

Doctors initially prefer hormonal injections

Doctors initially prefer hormonal injections for those with thin beard or lack of hair growth in the face. “If that does not help and patients insist, we suggest transplant. It is a fast-catching trend,” he says.

Dr Arvind Poswal, credited with first documented beard hair-to-scalp transplant in February 2006, submits that Indian men generally have ample facial hair. “Beard transplant is more common in the West. Many Hollywood actors flaunt different styles of beard which may be the inspiration behind young individuals trying to ape the look,” the expert says. Even Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan is sporting a bearded look these days.

Trivia: Eighteenth century Russian emperor Peter the Great imposed a tax for anyone sporting a beard. The clergy and the peasants were excluded.
Beard is back in trend for B-town and H-town hunks

Akshay Kumar
There have been reports of men resorting to ‘facial hair transplants’ in the US to look like a bearded George Clooney! After twirled moustaches, unkempt beards have made a solid comeback. Scruffy beards are the new ‘it’ thing. Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, A-list actors have been sporting it throughout the awards season. Also, do not confuse the trend with the stylised stubble that Leonardo Dicaprio has forever or the one that Salman Khan sported briefly. To get into the skin of their on-screen character or because they are just too lazy to shave…Will Smith, Ewan McGregor, Chris Evans and many more have sparked this global trend.
Akshay Kumar Complimenting Akshay’s rugged look is his salt-and-pepper beard, which he has grown out for his forthcoming film Gabbar.

Shahid Kapoor Shahid’s new look is for Vishal Bhardwaj’s forthcoming film Haider, which is based on Hamlet.

Michael Fassbender Fassy’s bushy ginger beard is for his forthcoming film, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. There is even a fan-page dedicated to his beard online.

Christian Bale The master of extreme transformations, Bale has grown out a beard for his next biblical epic Exodus, where he portrays Moses. He too has a fan page dedicated to his facial fuzz.

Jared Leto Known for sporting different versions of the hipster beard over the years, the actor-singer is one of the few men who can pull off the ‘long hair-scruffy beard’ look in style.

Tom Hardy Another chameleon like Bale, the British heartthrob’s bristly beard is swoon-worthy.

Bradley Cooper Cooper has been sporting a trimmed version of his American Hustle beard and looks great, period.

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