Doctor Duo

Doctor Duo

This book is written with noble intention to teach young and experienced dermatologist, the finer skills of FUE and DHT technique of hair transplantation. It has immense scientific illustrations with practical tips, for neophyte as well as veteran surgeons, that demonstrates, reinforces, and expands on clinical aspects. Besides the Doctor Duo (Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr Arika Bansal), it also authored by Dr Abhinav Kumar and Dr Sarita Sanke. Is enriched by scientific references and recommendations provided by more than 10 international stalwarts in the field and represents the fastest growing segment in the hair-restoration field in terms of ethics, terminology, techniques, quality, and patient candidacy. All of the authors have entered the field of hair restoration surgery (HRS) within the past ten years and so what they present is truly a 21st century view of the field.

The book is comprehensive and begins with the all- important topics of patient evaluation, preoperative planning, and pre-, intra, and post-operative care. The authors outline underlying principles and practical tips in design elements for the hairline, temples, and crown. They have focused their surgical approach on Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) which has emerged as a dominant, if not preferred, technique of harvesting grafts for transplantation. They present a thorough discussion of details in the techniques required to excise high quality grafts, to extract the grafts and handle them while out of body and during placement to achieve optimal outcomes. So, Hair Worries shall now be all gone!

As a bonus the authors have added chapters on beard harvesting and transplantation, eyebrow transplantation, eyelash reconstruction, as well as the unique aspects of treating women with hair loss. In addition, they present a well-conceived and executed approach to the difficult cases of those requiring corrective surgery and to the causes, prevention, and management of surgical complications.

“I have been a hair restoration surgeon for over 25 years and as a clinician I know how hard it is to work on professional papers and textbooks in the midst of keeping up with a busy practice. But Drs Sethi, Bansal, Kumar, and Sanke deserve high praise for their accomplishment in writing this guide. Who better than clinical practitioners to create a step by step guide that is indeed practical and useful to other doctors including beginners and experienced surgeons. My congratulations to the authors and my welcome to you fortunate readers.” Says Robert H True, Md, MPH Fellow and past Scientific Chair of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Diplomate and Past President – American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, Editor Emeritus Hair Transplant Forum International Man sues firm as hair treatment goes awry

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