Diffuse thinning is the worst

I feel as though I’d rather recede than diffuse all over top. Just so it’s easier to estimate a future transparent. My hair is long on top and when dry, it looks thick like Joe Jonas hair. When wet you can see the diffuse thing and patchy areas. I’m only thinning on top. I do have a recede hair line in the temples, but it’s not bad/I’ve had it since I was 18 – with actually fully thick hair. I’m 25 now. Been on fin and min for almost a year.
You should see a doctor. Diffuse thinning is a difficult problem and needs an assessment by an expert, like me. I would do a HAIRCHECK to see if I would find a pattern to your hair loss thinning (https://newhair.com/baldingblog/haircheck-test-how-it-is-done-and-what-its-value/). To find one in your area see ISHRS.org.

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