DHI Hair Transplantation

What is DHI Hair Transplantation?

DHI Hair Transplantation is a hair transplantation treatment called  ‘Direct hair transplantation’ or ‘Pen technique’. DHI Hair Transplantation is a treatment that allows the collected hair follicles to be planted in a shorter time by using specially developed pencils. Thanks to the DHI pen, grooving and planting of the roots are carried out simultaneously.

Since a medical device similar to a specially developed pen is used in the operation, the treatment is also known ‘pen technique’.

DHI Hair Transplantation has been adopted rapidly since its development. The main reason for this is the benefits provided by the dhi pens. Now let’s give a little more detail about the advantages and implementation of DHI Hair Transplant technique.

is DHI Hair Transplantation
is DHI Hair Transplantation

How is DHI Hair Transplantation Applied?

Let’s take a look at the stages of hair transplantation in order to fully understand how the DHI hair transplantation technique is applied. Hair transplantation consists of 3 basic stages. These are respectively; collection of grafts, opening of canals and transplanting hair follicles.

Thanks to the medical pen used for direct hair transplantation, after the grafts are collected, it opens both the canal and the hair root at the same time with the help of these pens. This procedure is done in two separate steps in normal methods and can be done in one time with this special pen-like medical device.

So in the DHI Hair Transplant Method, normal hair transplantation stages are observed, except grooving.

  • The hair follicles in the donor area where the local anesthetic is applied are loosened with a special device and the loosened hair roots are collected from the donor area individually.

  • Because it contains a piece of tissue and hair follicles in the collected grafts, it is subjected to a small separating process and ready for planting individually.

  • Since there is no grooving process in DHI, the prepared hair follicles are placed in special pen-like medical devices called ‘implanter’ and transplanting starts.

  • The doctor places the hair follicles on the scalp thanks to the special pen. The ‘Implanter’ has a very fine but pointed end which can be inserted into the hair root due to its special structure. The thin tipped medical pen, which is dipped by the doctor at an appropriate angle to the scalp, places the hair follicle inside the scalp when it is pressed to the special area behind it.

  • On the one hand transplanting lasts, on the other hand the separated hair roots are inserted into the pencil, the waiting time of the hair follicles is reduced to a minimum.

  • With the DHI pen, the scalp with the least damage principle enters a rapid healing process.


Why is the Donor Region Important in DHI Hair Transplantation?

For hair transplantation, it is preferred that the hair follicles of the donor area which is considered as the nape area between the two ears are intact and frequent.

Because hair transplantation can only be done from a person’s own hair follicles, a sparse nape and a large balding area cannot give the expected result. In such cases, secondary donor areas need to be directed, which is a situation that negatively affects the natural image.


The most commonly used donor area in hair transplantation is the nape region. In addition, different areas can be used in hair transplantation as donor area. Secondary donor regions may be used in people with insufficient hair follicles in the nape area with the advice and advice of the physician.

is DHI Hair Transplantation
is DHI Hair Transplantation

Can the grafts be kept waited in DHI hair transplantation?

It is the second element affecting the success of the operation and significant advantages have been achieved in the operations performed with DHI Hair Transplantation. After hair follicles are collected in hair transplantation, they are kept for 3-4 hours during the opening of the canal. Although they are sometimes kept in special solutions and in special coolers, every minute they expect outside their natural conditions causes the hair follicles to be damaged or lose their health. The biggest advantage of the operations performed with DHI Hair Transplantation is that the hair follicles are not kept behind after collection.


The waiting period of 3-4 hours is eliminated and the hair roots are planted immediately after collection. This prevents the loss of hair root caused by waiting.


How to Obtain Natural Image in DHI Hair Transplantation Method?

Another point that has improved in the DHI Hair Transplantation Method is the sowing angles of the hair follicles. The hair angles of hair follicles, which primarily affect the concept of naturalness in hair transplantation, were determined during the channel opening time in normal hair transplantation.

With DHI, the grooving phase in hair transplantation is combined with sowing and the doctor determines the angles and depths of the hair follicles in a much more comfortable way with a single move. This accelerates the time to reach the natural looking hair.

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