Christine Lampard

Christine Lampard

On ITV’s Lorraine, hosted by Christine Lampard, he said of his relationship with Ell: “She is very beautiful. Honestly, I walk down the street and I think people think I’ve won a prize. They almost sort of bow to me, go well done. I still don’t know how it’s happened.

“She’s pretty beautiful, wonderful, way smarter than me… I downloaded this app to learn French and she walked in the room and I had my headphones on and she said, ‘What are you doing?’

“I said, ‘I’m trying to learn French for you!’ It’s going very well.”

Jamie didn’t address the new rug, but instead explained to the panel how he was opting for “godfather” of Spencer and Vogue’s baby.

He said: “I’m still rooting for godfather. He got married obviously but he made it a very small wedding, it was just family, that was it, they wanted this baby not to be born out of wedlock.

“I think, well he is, going to have another wedding further down the line… I’m going for best man. I’m telling everyone… I’m going to be best man.

“It’s very exciting. So I now have to, if I’m not best man it’ll be very weird. So, I’m best man. I’m very excited.”

Following his stint on the sofa, he went to help  ‘s Josh and Kaz do a “love test” after he has shown his love for the show by appearing on Love Island: Aftersun.

Follically challenged Irish men heading to Turkey for hair transplants post-Rooney

Cosmetic surgery abroad has mostly meant teeth veneers and eye-tucks until now. But a decision by several high-profile men to ‘out’ themselves about their hair transplants has seen soaring numbers of Irish men fly to Turkey for cut-price procedures. Health Correspondent Seanín Graham talks to two men about their ‘life-changing’ decisions

WHEN Elton John underwent a hair transplant in the 1980s, the results were so poor that Boy George quipped: “All that money and he still looks like a dinner lady.”

A generation later, a tweet by footballer Wayne Rooney helped break the stigma when he went public about the reason for his dramatically altered – and improved – appearance.

“Just to confirm… I have had a hair transplant,” Rooney posted to his 12.5 million followers in 2011. “I was going bald at 25 – why not?”

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