Can a bad transplant be reversed?

Can a bad transplant be reversed?

Can a bad transplant be reversed?                       

Some people will visit a clinic in a different country and get a hair transplant at a much cheaper price, however, in some cases, the results are not as they expected. Once your results start to show you might realise that your hair transplant doesn’t look as you intended, and then you have to make the decision to either go back to the clinic and spend more money on travel and accommodation to try for a second transplant, or visit somewhere closer to home with a better reputation.

We have a lot of people visit the clinic for a consultation who ask if we’re able to reverse their hair transplant because they’re not happy with the results. Although we cannot reverse the transplant we can work with the patient to fix their results.

Fixing a bad hair transplant

We have a couple of different options to help fix a bad hair transplant, the first option is another hair transplant. If the patient has enough donor hair left we are able to get our experienced doctors to help plan a better hair transplant and work closely with the patent to help them achieve the results they were first looking for.

We also offer advanced tricho pigmentation, this treatment is a pigmentation delivery system that can be used to add density to areas of the scalp. If your hair transplant has left you looking thin in certain areas this treatment will help to make the hair appear fuller and thicker.

Older methods of hair transplantation such as FUT hair transplants can leave patients with large scarring at the back of the scalp. This is something we can help disguise with the use of both ATP and an FUE hair transplant.

Getting a hair transplant is a big decision and a lot of different factors will come into play when you decide to get one. We get asked a lot of different questions when people are researching hair transplants and during their consultation. One question we get asked often is, if a hair transplant will look natural and if it can give you full coverage, today we’re going to look into that.

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