Brian McFadden

Brian McFadden

Brian McFadden

People should not be embarrassed about getting your hair done. It’s just moving hair from the back of your head to the front.

The last few years my hair line has been thinning and receding due to my life style and the general stresses we go through in life. It’s been really making me self conscious and uncomfortable so I decided to do something about it.”

I never thought the the answer to my problem was the young boy who sat beside me in schoo. Simon my old school buddy is the man behind the magic. It’s such a small crazy world.

Calum Best

The reality TV star got three treatments. Before going on Celebrity Big Brother, he said: peaking just before going on Channel 5’s Calum said: “There is no doubt this has changed my life. I have been losing my hair since my early 20s.

“Nature’s plan was for me to have thin and patchy hair across the top of my scalp. But the great thing is, we don’t have to follow nature’s plan.

“Hair transplant technology has improved so much in the last five years and I have been able to keep hold of all my hair and wear it in my the same way as I did when I was in my teens.

“I was keen to get it done before going on Celebrity Big Brother so my hair would look great on the show.”

Ever wondered what it’s like to have a hair transplant? These are the highs and lows of getting one done

Gone tomorrow, hair today.

I started to notice that I was losing my hair in the my late-twenties. It was a bit of a blow but hardly unexpected. My dad was bald and his dad is bald, and all my uncles are bald too. I know they say you take after your mum’s side, but not me. My maternal granddad had a proud shock of white hair, but soon-to-be slaphead me would have no such luck.

I wasn’t too gutted about it, but maybe that’s because it was a very gradual thing. Over the span of a decade, my forehead got bigger, and I thinned year on year, but didn’t go full Bobby Charlton as feared. That said, I was clinging on. Up top it was increasingly wispy, and I was doing the sensible thing of cropping it closer and shorter.

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