BENGALURU: He spent Rs 2 lakh and waited for two years to see his hair grow

BENGALURU: He spent Rs 2 lakh and waited for two years to see his hair grow

BENGALURU: He spent Rs 2 lakh and waited for two years to see his hair grow. But when he realised that he was fooled with the hair growth promise, the Bengalurean wasted no time in approaching a city consumer forum.

Much to his relief, the court has asked the hair transplant facility to refund the money to the 31-year-old.

Vimal (name changed), a resident of RT Nagar, sued Vibes, an Alankar Group Enterprise in Sadashivanagar, that misled him through advertisements.

Baldness was bothering Vimal for a while and when he spotted an advertisement by Vibes promising complete hair regrowth after 24 months of treatment, he decided to give it a shot. He approached the firm in July 2012 and began his two-year-long treatment at their facility after paying Rs 1,98,628 as nonrefundable fee.

After 20 sessions of the treatment, including stem cell and dermaroller procedures, completed in August 2014, Vimal was shocked to see there was no signs of hair growth. When he questioned the specialists, they asked him to wait longer.

After two years of wait, Vimal demanded a refund from the facility, which declined it, stating that he had signed for a ‘non-refundable treatment.’ A dejected Vimal lodged a complaint with Bangalore IVth Additional District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum on October 17, 2014, seeking compensation.

The hair transplant facility told the forum that the case should be dismissed as hair regrowth results vary from person to person and Vimal may not have followed the diet and lifestyles prescribed by their specialists.

During the four-year litigation, the judges examined the photographs of Vimal’s scalp and were convinced that the treatment given by Vibes was not up to the mark. Vimal paid the money despite knowing that it wasn’t refundable, hoping that the ‘experts’ would provide him a cure for his baldness.

The terms and conditions incorporated for no-cash refund appear to be arbitrary and the facility should have given an expert opinion on the complainant on whether he’d respond to treatment or not before accepting the money, the court said. On August 16, the forum ordered Vibes to refund Rs 1,98,628 to the complainant with interest and also Rs 3,000 towards his litigation expenses.

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