Are hair transplant surgeries going to get better?

I’m just wondering something. I’m in my early 30s now and always dreaming of a hair transplant. Maybe the older guys know an answer to this question: do you think (good) hair transplants will get more affordable and better in the future? I know that in the past it was mostly FUT so I think FUE is definitely a step up. But I’m wondering if there’s still room for improvement besides this procedure so one can hope. I’m not talking about unrealistic stuff (stem cells, yeah been hearing this for years now…) but just for more efficient ways that are in development? How has the industry changed over the last ten years and what can we expect for the next ten?

The procedure for hair transplants is now very efficient and that is why it is becoming more popular. This is a rapid growth industry now growing in excess of 20% per year, as high as 65% in some areas of the world. We have not tapped the balding market yet, but the number one problem is dishonest representations of the goals that are realistic, often pushed by salesmen employed by somewhat unscrupulous doctors.  Young men, in particular, tend to fall for the lines of the salesmen that work for doctors who hustle for business and may get commissions for closing the sale (this could be you). Let the buyer beware.

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