Am I too previous for a hair transplant?

Am I too previous for a hair transplant?

Am I too previous for a hair transplant?

When it involves age, you’re additional probably to be too young for a hair transplant than too previous. we have a tendency to get plenty of enquiries from young men World Health Organization believe they have a hair transplant which it’s best to possess one after they ar young. This isn’t invariably the case.

Each individual is completely different however we have a tendency to believe it’s best to attend till you’re a touch older to urge your hair transplant, after you ar young hair loss and hair growth pattern are often irregular and also the hair loss will worsen, that means you may would like over one procedure. As long as {you ar|you’re} in healthiness and are appropriate for a hair transplant it’s unlikely you’d be too previous.

What will my hair transplant results be like?

With the employment of the revolutionary FUE hair transplant procedure we’re able to manufacture the foremost natural trying results doable. Your results can depend upon your current hair loss and the way a lot of hair you have got accessible in your donor space. Take a glance at our patient gallery to envision the results we’ve made for our past shoppers.

Will my hair transplant results be permanent?

We often get asked concerning our hair transplant results and if they’ll be permanent, plenty of individuals worry that when having a hair transplant their hair can begin to fall out over a protracted amount of your time.

Our FUE hair transplant ar very long lasting and they’re one in all the foremost self-made hair loss treatments presently accessible.

It is traditional for your hair to shed when many weeks when having your FUE hair transplant, once this is going on your hair can grow within the transplanted areas when around 3-6 months and it’ll be a lot of stronger and healthier.

The freshly transplanted hair can still grow even as it did once it had been within the donor space, and your new hair growth are permanent. throughout your consultation out consultants can make sure that you simply ar an appropriate candidate for a hair transplant and additionally assess your future hair loss, {this can|this may|this can} guarantee your transplanted hair will look smart within the future.

We will investigate your age, case history and hair loss sort. we will then foresee any future hair loss on alternative areas of your scalp and style your transplant spherical this to make sure it’s nice within the future.

Getting a hair transplant could be a large call and that we feel that one in all the massive deciding factors on wherever to urge your hair transplant is that the price. we have a tendency to get plenty of on-line enquiries concerning the value of our hair transplants, one thing that’s onerous to figure out while not a consultation.

Today we’re progressing to discuss verity price of a hair transplant within the Great Britain and why price shouldn’t be your prime deciding issue.

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