Once the transplant is done, the only precaution you need to take is to not rub the area and leave it be for a week or so. After that you can treat your hair the way you normally do. Your hair will grow naturally, and you will not suffer further hair fall. It is only exceptional cases such as suffering or recovering from a disease like cancer, that there are chances that you might lose your hair again.
What you need to keep in mind
Every hair transplant clinic and doctors have access to the latest technology. However, what you need is an experienced medical professional who you can trust. Rather than depending on the clinic or the doctor’s website for information, do your research on various online review portals. That will serve you best.
James DeGale has £6,000 hair transplant after ‘feeling he was going bald and looking like an old man’
Fresh after winning back his IBF super-middleweight world title, Brit boxing champ celebrated by taking a trip to the British Hair Clinic
By John Hutchinson

JAMES DEGALE celebrated recapturing the IBF super-middleweight world title by undergoing a £6,000 hair transplant.
On April 7 in Las Vegas, the 32-year-old boxer avenged a shock defeat to Caleb Truax four months previous to secure a unanimous points decision against the same man.

There were areas on James DeGale’s head that he felt made him look like ‘an old man’
With the gold strapped back around his waist, the 2008 Olympic gold medallist decided to add something else to the look.
DeGale had already held a consultation at the British Hair Clinic, based in Brentwood, Essex, and went through with the procedure after his big fight in the US.
And just as that night in Sin City proved a success, so did his date with the surgeon.
Speaking exclusively to SunSport, Dr Shuja Chaudhry, the surgeon at the clinic, said: “James was delighted he had made the right decision to undergo a hair transplant.
The surgery was declared a success, and James DeGale has a new look to match wearing that world title belt
The temples and the crown regions were the main areas of concern for James DeGale
“Along with his sister he was very grateful for the excellent service they had received from consultation through to the end of the procedure.
“James was particularly pleased with the attention to detail, how precise the surgeon was and how he was able to accommodate James’ questions and concerns regardless how irrelevant they may have been.

“He was an excellent patient with a great personality.
“I expect James to attain very good results following his hair transplantation procedure.”
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James DeGale returns to the hotel in Brooklyn after a precautionary visit to the hospital
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