Aftercare element was vital

Aftercare element was vital

But, for me, the aftercare element was vital. I really needed that ability to stay in touch and check everything was going to plan. I required that reassurance. KSL were wonderful in that respect. But I’m sure other places are too. If you ask me, whoever you choose, it’s vitally important you trust them and feel comfortable with their level of service – especially after the initial procedure. Definitely do your research.


A week after the operation, all the swelling had thankfully disappeared and I was feeling happy and contented. My head had scabbed over at this point, and I was very gently washing it with baby shampoo. I didn’t mind because it gave me an idea of where my hairline would be, but perhaps it looked a little different to other people – one day an old man offered me his seat on the tram.

Then a cursed twist of fate! It knew it was going to happen. They told me it would, but it was still a blow. For some cruel reason, the hair that they’ve implanted and is happily growing away, suddenly decides to fall out after a few weeks. So it’s like someone has stolen your newly found superpower (of having hair) from you. But it’s normal and part of the process, and it starts to grow back shortly afterwards.

You know that thing about always reading the label, or paying attention when someone’s giving you important advice about a delicate procedure? Well I’m shit at that. I nod my head but nothing goes in. After about five weeks, the non-receding hair I’d always had was growing longer and longer, whilst the implanted follicles still hadn’t reappeared.

I thought it looks crap, so I took to the clippers and shave it all off – to look nice and neat! I wasn’t meant to do that. They’d specifically warned me not to do it. Because apparently electronic clippers can rip out the still rooting follicles. Idiot me had forgotten all this. I innocently posted a photo on Twitter and got an urgent WhatsApp message from Si at KSL…

“You’re not meant to do that FFS!”

FFS indeed. I was worried at what damage I’d done to my depleted foliage. 🙁

Fast forward a few months and I was relieved to see that things were progressing well, regardless of my stupidity. I wouldn’t say the new hair was sprouting out with wild abandon, but it was doing it’s best, and I was beginning to see a little bit more coverage. Although my new hairline wasn’t particularly strong, it was nice to see progress.

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