After surgery

After surgery

After surgery

The patient will be discharged the same day. Many surgeons prefer not to bandage the area but the ones who do should be extremely careful to avoid shearing. The removal of the bandage also has to be very meticulous as it can damage the hair grafts. After the surgery the patient will have many tiny incisions and short hair stubbles showing from the new placed grafts. But this will heal quickly and the soreness will clear up within a week.
For Hair transplant, youths are turning up to hospitals

CHANDIGARH: Receding hairline amongst people has now started off at the age of 20. Many people are turning at hospitals for hair transplant and 70% of them are youths in their 20’s and 30’s. 60% are those who are undergoing the transplant before their marriage. With marriage season on, more and more youths want a hair transplant.
Various private hospitals have the facility wherein people can transplant their hair , but the Government’s multi specialty hospital (GMSH) sector 16 is the only government hospital which has the facility of hair transplant.

Dr Chandesh Mohindroo of GMSH 16 said that earlier people in 40′ and 50’s have been facing the problem of receding hairline but now youths are turning up for the same. He said that such is the problem amongst youth that they have a booking for hair transplant right up till March 2014.

He said that for the transplant they are charging around Rs 1000 in total. “I have gone to Georgia to learn the hair transplant and after coming back have started this in the mid of last year in GMSH” adds Mohindroo.

Dr Bhavneet Kaur of Dr Batra clinic sector 9 said that it’s because of the improper lifestyle of the youth that problem of baldness have now been seen in the youth. She said that in one week 40 to 50 patients are coming with this problem and in these 70% are youth and more than 60% of the youth are such who have their marriage planned so they are more conscious about their looks. She said that they have been charging around Rs 40 per follicle.
Reason for receding hairline: Stress, Hair straightening, Use of gel in hairs, Consuming Junk food, Not having the nutritious food especially the green vegetables, Hormonal imbalance, Hormonal tablets, Consumption of preservative foods, Excess travelling.

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