After a couple of hours hair transplant

After a couple of hours hair transplant

After a couple of hours, they were done. The back of head was bandaged up, and was helped up to have a break…from doing nothing. I said I was fine, but was told to take it easy. Inevitably you lose some blood during the extraction and they said I’d be fed and watered to counter that – I wasn’t complaining. I enjoyed a nice cheese baguette, and a Tunnock’s wafer because of course – it’s Scotland.

Following the half time break, it was time for the second stage of operation – the implantation. This time I was sat down with my feet up and able to watch telly whilst Matee and his mates continued to work their magic. This took longer than the first bit. Which is fine…except I was increasingly worried about catching the last train back home to Manchester.

This was an issue for me because I had an important meeting the next morning in London, which I was determined to attend…even though I was advised to rest and take it east for a few days. But I was adamant, cos I’m a dick. I mentioned this to the doc, and he quite rightly said we shouldn’t rush his work of art. Once the final hair was in place, I had just minutes to spare.

I was about to rush off but they had some very important post-treatment advice to go through, as well as providing me with an after-care pack.They asked me if I was okay as I hurried to the exit door with a bandage on the back of head. I said I was absolutely fine…just before losing my balance like a punch-drunk boxer about to pass out.

Next thing I knew I was on the KSL sofa with my legs being held up to bring the circulation back to my head. Dr Matee explained that the short-term dizziness was a very rare reaction to the local anaesthetic wearing off. I was given another Tunnock’s and some pop to get sugar levels up. All the time my thoughts were on my train.

I was advised to leave my journey home until the next morning and stay up in Glasgow, but I was adamant I had to be in London early the next day. So in an extremely kind (and costly) gesture, Simon said he was arranging a taxi for me – to Manchester! He didn’t need to do that at all, but said he felt a duty of care and was/am really grateful.

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