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Turkey Hair Transplant Coordinator

Ahmet Barutcu  is working in hair transplantation operations in Istanbul since 2010.

He graduated Adıyaman Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in 2012, Klis Yedi Aralık University Faculty of Health Sciences 2014 and from Istanbul Gelisim University Department of Emergency Medicine in 2015.

He still works in various departments in the health sector and health tourism. He worked in many hospitals for hair transplantation operations in Istanbul and he carried out the operation of  thousands patients with dozens  different clinics. Hairtransplantistanbulturkey.com is a COMPREHENSIVE KNOWLEDGE SUPPLY, which is primarily based on the principles of OPPOSITION AND ACCURACY, allowing you to find everything you are looking for from a single source about hair transplant.

On our site, we are continuing our development works in order to share the best, most comprehensive and most accurate information about hair transplant.

Hairtransplantistanbulturkey.com is NOT a HAIR TRANSPLANT CENTER.

Our aim is to share the most accurate information about hair transplantation with you, and to provide you with the best information before hair transplantation.

Advertising studies on hair transplantation have led to the proliferation of false, incomplete or manipulative information on the internet. We aim for you to reach the most real information about hair transplantation in our web site.

Before publishing the information on our site, we have adopted as the PRIORITY PRINCIPLE to present you the most simple, latest and real information by checking from various sources.

We also remind you that you should remember that the person who will give you the most accurate information is your doctor and that you should consult your doctor about all the health problems you experience.

What can You Find in hairtransplantistanbulturkey.com

Hair Transplant Information:

  • In this section we have compiled detailed hair transplantation articles on more than a hundred topics.



Hair Transplant Forum:

  • In our newly opened hair transplantation forum section, you can share your experiences of hair transplantation and benefit from the experiences of others.

Ahmet Barutcu takes care of you before the operation and assesses whether you are suitable for hair transplantation, and if you do not have a sufficient amount of grafts in the first stage, you will be warned about it.

In this way,  your money will not be wasted and you will not prevent a situation worse than your current situation.

With professional support, you protect both your money and your health.


The information on our site is for informational purposes only and does not replace doctor’s advice or doctor’s examination.

As with any health problem, when you have a problem with hair loss, it will be best solved by your doctor.

If you enter our website and / or use information from this site, you agree to the following terms.

This website has been prepared in good faith for information purposes.

All kinds of information on this website are of a general nature and are not under the responsibility of our website to be adequate, up-to-date, valid, complete and simple.

Hairtransplantistanbulturkey.com may change, correct and / or remove such information at any time without prior notice and / or warning.

Persons who prepare the information contained in this site cannot be held liable for any damage caused by access to this website and any direct or indirect use of the information contained on the site.

Due to all kinds of damages and / or losses arising from the use of this website, the persons preparing the information on this site have no legal and penal liability.

The copyright and / or other intellectual property rights to all pages, graphics, images and photos and information contained on this website belong to our site and may not be used without permission.

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